Lost Wedding Ring Found in Kapiti, Wellington New Zealand

  • from Wellington (New Zealand)

Andrea and Travis were making a video and re-enacting a scene from The Lord of the Rings movie.  Andrea finds her “Precious” ring on a log and then tosses it to one side.  It was meant to land on a bank with almost no grass where it would be easy to see, however it landed short where the grass was a bit longer and they were unable to find it.

Andrea's Ring

Andrea’s Ring

I thought this was going to be an easy, quick find as it was a very small area to search.  I ran my CTX3030 over the area but couldn’t get a signal that remotely resembled a gold ring.  I extended the search by quite a distance and we even reviewed the video to get an idea of where it may have gone.  I then got Andrea to re-enact the throw with one of my test rings.  Each time it landed in a similar area so I had another sweep.

Over a clump of grass I got a very weak signal that looked more like trash than a ring but I checked it out with my pinpointer.  It was indicating something in the middle of the grass but it wasn’t until the pinpointer actually touched the ring that I could see it.  It was sitting vertically on its edge right at the bottom of the grass.

Andrea's ring safely on her finger

Andrea’s ring safely on her finger

No one could believe that they hadn’t found it when the were looking for it but they all agreed that we probably wouldn’t have found it without the detector.  Hugs and smiles all round.

Now, Andrea was a bit embarrassed by all this but when they showed me the video it looked pretty cool, and this will certainly add to the story.

They also gave me a generous reward for which I very grateful.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    What a story! Good thing that you checked that signal as a ring on its side will read and sound way different then when its flat…Great job Al…Best, Chris

  2. You have been such a great help to anyone due to your metal detecting skills. You are always doing great in your job. Metal detecting is such a wonderful hobby yet it can also help others who wants to retrieve something lost.

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