Platinum Wedding Ring found in Lyall Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

  • from Wellington (New Zealand)

Veronika called me to say that her husband, Sean, had lost his platinum wedding ring while digging out a small garden, next to a public footpath, at the front of their house.  She sounded very anxious so I managed to find he time to go straight to her house to start searching.  They had collected all the long grass and weeds in rubbish bags so it was quick and easy to run the detector over that to make sure it wasn’t there.

The area that was dug over was very small but very contaminated with trash and I was worried about a lot of power wires running directly overhead.  Luckily they did not cause any problem and it was just a matter of working through the trash.

I got to an area that was giving me multiple signals and would occasionally flash up a 45 which was the right number for platinum, but I just couldn’t pinpoint it.  I had to start eliminating the trash out of the ground and finally got a clear signal.

The ring was right underneath these roots

The ring was right underneath these roots

I dug down under the roots of one of the plants and it just popped up with the knife.  I don’t know how it managed to get so far down and under the roots.

There was great excitement and a lovely squeal of delight from Veronika when I told her I had found it, not to mention the big hug.  I just love it when I get these finds.

Thanks for the reward – always appreciated.

Veronica hold the ring

Veronica holding the ring

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  1. Al, Nice find! Next time you might add the type of detector you used so that people will know what types of detectors are being used. Video would also be nice.

  2. Veronika says:

    Thank you, thank you, thaaaank you once again Al for finding Sean’s ring so quickly! And for being able to start the search within two hours of my phone call. The ring is now happily re-united with my husband 🙂

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