Engagement Ring Recovered in Yard at Pukerua Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

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Wayne contacted me through another detectorist and explained that his daughter, Ursula had lost her engagement ring while putting her child in the car.  I was unavailable for a week and they had searched the area on their hands and knees each day in the hope of finding it.

Wayne had put a chalk mark  on the path where the car had been parked.  It started to rain just as I arrived.  It was a small area to search but heavily contaminated with junk metal.  I checked many signal but no sign of the ring so Wayne asked his daughter to come around and give us some more detail.

She was able to tell me that she was getting in the drivers seat when she felt something slip through her fingers and when she looked down her ring was gone, and this was a little bit further up the path.  So this gave me another area to search, but still heavily contaminated.

Ursula's engagement ring hiding at the bottom of the grass

Ursula’s engagement ring hiding at the bottom of the grass

Knowing they had searched the area thoroughly, there was the possibility they had stood on it so I started digging some of the shallow trash to make sure there was nothing masking the good signals.  I was digging up coins, pipes, bottle tops, nails – and there was pieces on top of each other.  A short time later I got a couple of signals very close.  The first one was trash but when I cleared that the other one gave a good signal.  I used the pro pointer and pushed down through the grass and right at the bottom was the small gold ring.  I called Ursula over to show her what I had found and she just burst into tears – tears of joy, of course.  Even when I had packed up and was leaving she was still sobbing and gave me a great big hug.

Wayne gave me a generous reward which was really appreciated, but knowing I had made a young lady very happy was priceless.

Ursula's ring

Ursula’s ring


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  1. Perserverance paid off. Good find in tough conditions. Keep up the good work.

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