Lost Ring at Normandale School, Wellington, New Zealand

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Clare and Austen

Clare and Austen

Clare's White Gold Ring

Clare’s White Gold Ring

Clare rang me this afternoon to tell me that she had lost her engagement ring while playing with her family at the local school playground a couple of days ago.  She had removed the ring and put it in her pocket to prevent it from coming off her finger.  When she left the playground she realized it was missing from her pocket.

I had to wait until school was out but even then there were a lot of children and parents at the playground.  The floor of the playground was covered with a deep layer of wood chip which would easily swallow up a ring if it was dropped.

I had to work around the ever curious children, and the metal equipment left some areas that I couldn’t eliminate with confidence, but eventually I had to ring Clare for some more detail.  She mentioned that she had moved off to a small grassy area where she had put on her cardigan with the ring in the pocket.

I set to work in this area and soon got a solid signal.  As I pinpointed it the beautiful white gold ring revealed itself just under the grass.  It was great to make the call to let Clare know I had found her ring.  A short time later I met her at her house as she arrived home from work and handed it over.  She was so thrilled and seeing the smile on her face made it all worthwhile.


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  1. Fitzy says:

    Great find Al! The chips on many of the playgrounds here in the states are made of recycled tires and therefore have a lot of metal fibers in them from steel belts etc. Makes searching those areas pretty tough. Glad to see some playgrounds still have the wood chips somewhere in the world. Better still, she actually lost her ring in a grassy area near the playground….Well done!

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