Lost Pendant at Kelburn Park, Wellington, New Zealand

  • from Wellington (New Zealand)

imageMiranda rang me when she lost a very small gold pendant when the chain broke around her neck.  It was a gift from her mother and she really wanted to find it.

She was able to narrow the area down to 2m x 2m beside a public park.  There was a lot of signals  – it was very trashy – but I figured that the pendant should be on, or very close to the surface, so I used the pinpointer to check any solid signals.

I covered the area and couldn’t find it.  Did another sweep at right angles and still no sign of it.  I then decided to start digging all the signals in case it was below the surface.  I cleared a bit of trash and even a couple of coins and then got a low signal in an area I had already checked.  I went to dig and could just see the top loop above the surface.  Someone had stepped on it and put it below the surface.

Miranda’s face lit up.  She said she could now ring her mum and tell her all about it.