Wedding Ring Found on Farm in Levin, New Zealand

  • from Wellington (New Zealand)
Dave's ring given to him by his grandfather

Dave’s ring given to him by his grandfather

Dave reunited with his grandad's ring

Dave reunited with his grandad’s ring

Dave was spending his Easter break doing some work around his friends farm in Levin.  They were clearing some scrub when Dave realized that his wedding ring was missing.  This was a very special ring as it had been engraved and given to him by his grandfather and he believes that it may have  belonged to his great grandfather originally.

When I got the call we took the 1 hour drive immediately, but arrived just as it began raining.  A welcome sight for the farmers as we have had a bit of drought this summer.  We all walked across the paddocks to the area where Dave and John had been cutting into the bush.

The grass was very long but had been trodden down where the men had been working.  I thought this was going to be a tough search but Dave was fairly sure where he had been working and there was no other metal in the ground.

I was about 1 metre outside the boundary that Dave had set when I put the metal detector to work.  I got an immediate and very clear signal.  I couldn’t believe that it could be that easy but when I lifted a layer of grass the ring revealed itself.

Big smiles and hugs all round.  No one could believe we could find it so easily.

My wife and I stayed for a lovely lunch with some lovely people.  The smiles were still on everyone’s faces as we departed and Dave gave us a very generous reward.

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  1. It’s always nice to get an ‘easy’ find once in awhile…Good work

  2. tess nicholson says:

    Hi Al & Chris, Thank you so much for finding Dave’s wedding ring. Still cannot believe you did! It was Dave’s grandfathers wedding ring handed down to him, and Dave intends to hand down to Tim. Without you all that history would have stopped. We are so grateful that you dropped everything and came up to help us.

    Your hobby is certainly helping people, your a gem! The world needs more people like you, tess and dave

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