Petone Beach, Wellington, New Zealand Wedding ring located

  • from Wellington (New Zealand)
9ct Gold ring with Damascus inlay

9ct Gold ring with Damascus inlay

Caleb reunited with his ring

Caleb reunited with his ring

Caleb contacted me through the Ring Finders website when he lost his wedding ring, a 9ct gold with Damascus inlay.

He was playing with his dogs in the water and when he reached down to pat one he saw the ring slip off his finger and fall in the water.  He felt around for it but couldn’t find it and had to wait for the tide to go out.  With a group of friends they spent 4 – 5 hours digging and sieving, and even borrowed a metal detector, but couldn’t find it.

I arrived just as the tide was starting to come in.  We quickly established an area 30m x 30m and I began a grid search.  I wasn’t sure what signal to expect from this ring as I wasn’t sure how the Damascus would come up on the AT Pro, so I dug everything that had a strong signal.  Found a fair bit of trash but after more than 2 hours I got a solid signal, mostly ferrous, about 5 metres up the beach from where Caleb thought he had lost it.

It was such a good feeling when I delivered it to him at his work.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Congrats on the recovery Al, sounds like you had to work hard for it…Happy Hunting, Chris Turner

  2. Caleb Martin says:

    Thanks again Al, I really appreciate the effort you made for us. After 5 hours of digging and sieving I honestly didn’t think I’d ever see it again. For you to take a morning off work to help a complete stranger is a real testament to your character. The world could do with more people like you! I’d be very happy to write you a testimonial or recommend your services to anyone. Thanks again from my wife and me.

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