Vincent Hernandez

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a {REWARD BASIS } Call out fee of $25 to cover my fuel if the item is not found.

To search on Private property you must get permission first for me to come out and find your lost item.

Search Types

Back yards, parks, school yards, beaches & shallow water .

Search Locations

Glendale and the surrounding areas also further locations if requested...Please call to discuss call out fee.

Vincent Hernandez - Recent Blog Post

  • 14K Gold Bracelet Found,Green Port, Long Island,NY (2013)

    Marty was cleaning his yard, raking up sticks and mowing the lawn on his riding lawn mower. After hrs of work  it was time for dinner, That’s when he  realised  his gold bracelet was gone. He thought about renting a metal detector  when he came across  across  the ring finders site and then found me. We discussed the matter and concluded that if it fell off while […]

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  • Diamond Ring lost in 3 ft of snow,Brentwood, Long Island,NY (2013)

    About 3 weeks ago Long Island was hit with about 3 ft of snow over night.Next day of coarse involves shoveling,snowplowing,and playing in the snow.Well Catherine was in her back yard doing some shoveling and playing with the kids in the snow. At one point she took off her gloves and guess what, yes her […]

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  • Platinum ring lost at orient point, long island NY. (2012)

    I was at work when i received a call from spiro,he said he lost his ring on the beach.Here he was with his wife and kids having a good time on a hot day at the beach.He was sitting in his lounge chair tossing rocks into the water,and then his ring went flying off his […]

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  • Gold ring lost at Robert Moses beach Long Island,New York. (2012)

    I received a call late Friday evening from Dave ,he was at the beach with his family having a good time enjoying the long island beach.They were here on a short vacation they live in Philadelphia.He told me that they were all getting ready to leave the beach,he was brushing off the blankets and the […]

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  • Lost platinum ring,East Setauket,Long Island,NY. (2012)

    I received a call from Joe. He told me that he was doing some yard work and had lost his Platinum wedding ring. He had gravel delivered to his back yard.He spent hrs doing yard work that day.He then proceeded to spread out the gravel with a rake.Some time later he realized that his ring […]

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