Tony Eisenhower

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I’ll consider whatever is offered as reward. If you wish for me to travel outside my area, there may be an additional cost. All costs will have to be established before I agree to search.

Search Types

Jewelry, cell phones, keys, glasses, anything made of metal or having metal content lost in the water or on dry land.

Search Locations

”All beaches from Mission Beach to Oceanside. Any inland public place where metal detecting is allowed or private property with permission in San Diego North County.”

Tony Eisenhower's Bio

I’m retired and metal detect as a past time. You can find me almost any morning hunting the beach at Del Mar. I own several state of the art metal detectors and am very successful at recovering lost articles. Recovering old coins and artifacts as a hobby can be very rewarding but nothing matches the joy I get when I’m able to reunite a precious item with its owner. Let me help you find your lost treasure..

Tony Eisenhower - Recent Blog Post

  • Heirloom Diamond Ring Lost and Returned.. (2016)

    So Kathy called me on Tues afternoon and told me about her husband’s ring, lost in the surf at Torrey Pines State Beach 2 days prior on Sunday, right around high tide which would turn out to be fortunate for all of us.  The ring belonged to his dad who passed away 25 years ago. […]

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  • Platinum, Gold & Diamond Wedding Band Returned (2016)

    Nothing too unusual about this story.  Just the same old “He lost his ring when it slipped off his finger in the back yard when he was throwing colored powder at his friends and family during a “Holi” celebration also known as the festival of colors in India” Happens every day right? 🙂 Josh contacted […]

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  • Antique Gold Ring Found and Returned (2015)

    September 24, 2015 My Daughter, Julie posted one of my metal detecting YouTube videos on her Facebook page (I think it’s cool that she likes what I do) and it got a bunch of comments.  One of her friends, Amy, told her story about how her daughter lost her ring at school in one of […]

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  • Diamond Wedding Rings Lost and Returned, Del Mar Beach (2015)

    So it’s 8:45 in the morning on a Sunday in Del Mar.  My parking meter will run out in 15 minutes, the beach is completely sanded in, the tide is almost +3 feet, it’s oppressively hot and muggy and my finds for the morning come to a total of 2 quarters and a penny.   I’m […]

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  • Platinum ring lost and returned at Del Mar, Dog Beach (2015)

    A few minutes after arriving home from a Sunday night hunt the day before Labor Day I received a call from Shakeh. She and her family were in San Diego for a few days and were enjoying a beautiful Sunday on the beach at Del Mar. Suddenly, their vacation pretty much came to a halt […]

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