Tom Perry

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis. That means you pay what you can afford, and what it is worth to you to have me come out and find your lost item. There will be a call out fee of $25 to cover gas if the item is not found.

Search Types

Any jewelry, rings, keys, watches, cell phones, or lost family heirlooms... Land searches only at this time.

Search Locations

Any lost valuables in yards, parks, old home sites, ball fields, or beaches in and around the Savannah area.

Tom Perry's Bio

Hi, I'm Tom. I have been metal detecting for over 35 years. Using my experience and top of the line detecting equipment, I will find objects that you, a family member, or a friend have lost. Even if you are just curious to see what is buried on your property, then give me a call, I would like the chance to help you out.

Personal Treasure Related Websites: Coastal Empire History Hunters Assoc. CEHHA. We have also published a book, Relics Of The Coastal Empire, available on our site.

Tom Perry - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost wedding band found at Hilton Head Island. (2019)

    Mike called and said he had lost his wedding band while playing with the kids in shallow water at the beach. His family and some other friends just started a week long vacation on the island. I drove over as soon as I could knowing the tide was almost low and was going to start […]

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  • White Gold found at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (2019)

    Matt called and said he lost his wedding band in about knee deep water. He was digging a hole and slipped right off. They searched with a metal detector that afternoon with no luck. After searching for about 10 minutes Matt was holding his ringĀ  Glad I could help you out Matt, and it was […]

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  • Ring Found At Tybee Island, Georgia. (2019)

    David called and said his wife lost her engagement ring in waist deep water at the beach. I told him I could be there in a couple of hours. When I arrived the tide was still low but was coming in, so I knew I would have to move fast. The area was about to […]

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  • Lost Ring found on Daufuskie Island, S.C. (2019)

    Katie called and said she lost her engagement ring in the water the previous day at Daufuskie Island Beach. The island is secluded, and only accessable by boat. I told her I would try to help her. The next ferry to the island was to leave at 1:00, and the last ferry coming back was […]

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  • Trio Of Rings Found At Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. (2019)

    Randi called and told me she lost her rings the day before in the water at H.H. I told her I would be right there, but when I got there, the tide was too high and still coming in. We set a time to meet the next day when the tide was right. When arriving […]

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Tom Perry - Testimonials

  • We truly think of Tom as a friend now... (2019)


    Tom is a blessing. To be honest, I was not sure that this service was actually a possibility. It sounded way to good to be true. But, when I called Tom, he instantly said he was on his way and that he would give it a shot. Meanwhile, so many friends and family (and even strangers) told me it was going to be ok. They told me that the ring was only a piece of metal and that I should be thankful for my life and the lives of others that I love. Of course, I understand this since I have lost one too many in my life, and this entire situation made me appreciate all that I do actually have. Still, it hurt to lose such a sentimental piece. My mother in law who gave me this ring trusted me with it. When I called her to tell her that I lost it, she sang “Mother Ocean” by Jimmy Buffet to me focusing on the line “And in your belly you hold the treasures few have ever seen”. I was beginning to accept the lose since the ocean had my treasure, and after all, my husband and I are pirates, so it made sense. But, when Tom jumped off that ferry, we snatched him up on our golf cart and headed to the beach. He went straight to work and found the ring in about 20 minutes. My husband and I celebrated with each other, our friends, and our family. I learned so much through this experience: be thankful for what you had and what you do have, trust humanity, and never give up. Also, don’t put lotion on your ringed hands before swimming in the ocean, or if you do, TAKE OFF YOUR RINGS!

    We truly think of Tom as a friend now and hope to see him some time in the future.

  • You will not go wrong contacting Mr. Perry! He is a Miracle Worker! Thank you so much!!! (2019)


    Thank you so much! This is a weekend we will never forget!! Such a tragic event turned into one of the best days of my life! Without your help and expertise we would have never found ALL 3 of my most precious possessions!! Your patience and determination is indescribable, I am so grateful! May God bless you on your future finds!!! You will not go wrong contacting Mr. Perry! He is a Miracle Worker! Thank you so much!!!