Terry Causey

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Cost for my service is Reward Based... You pay me what the item is worth to you and what you can afford, for me to come out and find it. I also charge a $20 dollar call out fee to cover cost of travel. The $20.00 fee is charged even if the item is not found. If travel distance is greater than 30 miles I will charge extra for travel at a reasonable rate. (Call to discuss)

Search Types

I can hunt dry land and water up to 4 feet deep if safe to do so. I can find lost rings, jewelry, watches, keys, property markers. Also willing to help insurance companies or law enforcement agencies if needed to recover metal items.

Search Locations

City Parks, private land, yards, beaches, and water ,school grounds and other locations that are legal to hunt. If on private property, written permission to search from the property owner is needed as I may need to dig holes to recover a lost item. If lost on government land special permission is needed to hunt.

Terry Causey's Bio

I was born in central Kentucky and worked several jobs until I joined the army in 1987. Traveled the world over, did several combat tours and met my wife while in the service. She is still full time army and retiring soon to join me in metal detecting. I retired in 2012 as a First Sergeant and retired from Home Land Security in 2015. My time now is spent with family and out metal detecting. I have been metal detecting for 5 years and water metal detecting for over 2 years. Last year I recovered a large Gold wedding band for a gentleman in 5 feet of water and a beautiful Gold and Diamond engagement ring for a young lady in 2 feet of water on the same day.

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  • Lost ring in Bargersville Indiana (2019)

    I received a call several days ago about a young lady that had lost her ring in grass at her home. She was running after  her dog when the ring slipped off her finger. She had friends over with metal detectors and they looked the area over but failed to find the ring. I showed upon […]

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    I got a call the other day and Susan A. said that her wedding ring had been lost in their yard several days earlier. They even bought two metal detectors themselves and searched in vain. Then looking on line they came across The Ring Finders. Giving me a call, I was able to go out the […]

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    I received a call last week from a young lady in Martinsville, Indiana about twenty miles southwest of Indianapolis. She told me that she was having pictures taken of her with her kids in the edge of their yard. They have a lot of trees and the leaves were falling and covered the area she […]

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