Teja Berberich

Cost For My Service

There is a $20 call-out fee for fuel expenses and 1 hour of searching; this is charged whether or not the item is recovered.

If the item is recovered, my finder’s fee is on a Reward Basis. You pay what you can afford or what the item is worth to you. I am willing to barter, for goods or services, as payment.

Search Types

Land, Beach and Shallow Water.

Search Locations

Chester County, Delaware County and Lancaster County in Pennsylvania.

Teja Berberich's Bio

I studied electrical engineering and eBusiness; I currently work full-time in the aerospace industry and part-time as a writer. Metal detecting is a fun hobby, which I have turned into a rewarding service.

If you lost an item, please contact me as soon as possible. As time passes, the chance of recovery decreases.

Teja Berberich - Recent Blog Post

  • Just a Bag o’ Leaves – Valley Forge Lost Wedding Ring (2018)

    Unfortunately with all the telemarketers calling, I usually let my calls go directly to voicemail and if they leave a message, I know it’s usually not a salesperson. Well one of those calls was from David. He lost his wedding ring bagging up leaves; he was pretty sure it was in a compost collection bag […]

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  • Ridley Creek State Park Posy Ring (2016)

    What at first appeared to be just another annoying telemarketer call, actually turned out to be a lady in distress. Lady Alexia was the unfortunate soul who had lost a ring while attending a reenactment at the Ridley Creek State Park Colonial Plantation the weekend prior. Alexia had worn one of her favorite rings and […]

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  • Wedding Ring Found in Oxford/Nottingham. (2016)

    Ed from Nottingham emailed me about how he had lost his tungsten wedding ring while working in the yard cleaning up some leaves last autumn. He was pretty sure where he had lost it, so I had a good feeling about this search. When I arrived on this drizzly morning, Ed was out working in […]

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  • Wedding ring recovered in Swatara Creek near Hummelstown, PA! (2015)

    I was eating lunch at work when I received a call from a man who had lost his wedding ring while he was  bait fishing in the Swatara Creek near Hummelstown, Pa. Immediately two things came to mind, the fact that it was a three hour round trip and that the ring was lost in […]

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  • 15 years gone – wedding ring found at Brandywine! (2015)

    A friend of mine had given me permission to search on his parent’s property along the Brandywine – the area holds great potential for Revolutionary War relics and is a chance of a lifetime for a detectorist as far as  I am concerned. I just want to find a round ball! 🙂 It just happens […]

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