Steve Hyndman

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I charge a $25 call out fee whether or not I find the item to cover the cost of fuel, parking, etc. Otherwise, I work on a reward basis. If I find your item then whatever reward you feel appropriate is fine. I do this as a hobby, not a living, so any monetary reward is secondary to the satisfaction of returning a valuable item to its owner.

You can call or text me, but it’s often best to text me first. Given the amount of spam calls I receive, often I do not answer numbers I don’t recognize; however, I frequently check text messages and will call you back if you text me.

Search Types

Beaches and water up to waist deep.

Search Locations

Beaches along Surfside Beach, Myrtle Beach, N. Myrtle Beach. Your personal property such as yards and gardens.

Steve Hyndman's Bio

Retired in 1999 from 20-years active duty in the US Air Force. Currently serving as a college academic administrator. Since I still work, my availability is normally limited to evenings and weekends. However, if you do have an urgent need and I’m not available, I can refer you to a reliable person who will be available.