Sam Bernstein

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I search for items on a Reward Basis. What its worth to you and what you can afford. I do have a $25.00 Call Fee to offset my fuel costs if the item is not found.

Search Types

Any and all types of areas including Beaches, Parks, Yards, Fields, RV parks, Campgrounds, Lakes and Riverbanks. I can also search up to five feet under the water in designated swimming areas in lakes and/or shallow water at beaches.

Search Locations

From Santa Barbara to the San Fernando Valley and other locations by request.

Sam Bernstein's Bio

I have over twenty years detecting and have found hundreds of rings and other jewelry items. Over the years I’ve had the joy of finding lost keys, rings, and other items for people who asked for my help when they saw me in their location. I have multiple detectors including under water detectors. I have also developed many products used by treasure hunters around the world.

Sam Bernstein - Recent Blog Post

  • Ring found at beach in Montecito (2019)

    On September 14, I received a call from Shanna and Cory regarding her engagement ring being lost. It was taken off and left on the towel for safety, but as I have seen before was lost when the towel was picked up forgetting the rings were there. Shanna immediately found the wedding ring, but the […]

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  • Beautiful Ring found at East Beach in Santa Barbara, California (2017)

    I received a call from Jerry in the morning. He is from San Jose and was in Santa Barbara with his wife and son. His wife lost her wedding ring when she stopped to lay down her bicycle and sit in the sand.  Jerry found me on the internet and called me. He asked if […]

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  • Ring lost and Ring found in Carpinteria California (2017)

    I received a call from Philip who is a professional photographer. He was photographing a wedding near an avocado orchard. The bride was showing her ring and her mothers ring when she dropped them under an avocado tree. She found her ring but not her mothers small gold ring. After extensive searching and even renting […]

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  • Ring found in Santa Barbara (2017)

    I received a call regarding a lost ring in Santa Barbara while they were playing volleyball. I met a young lady named Britney who told me she was playing with a friend when she was hit by something while receiving the ball over the net. She asked her friend if he still had his ring. […]

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  • Lost ring in backyard of Ventura home——-FOUND (2016)

    I received a call from Steve Morrow about a ring he lost in his backyard while removing large bushes on the side of his yard. He assumed it was pulled off while stuffing the branches into multiple bins. In an attempt to find it he dumped out one bin on the grass, but was unsuccessful. […]

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