Ryan Holubiw

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis...That means you pay me what you can afford and what its worth to you to have your lost item found. $30 to cover transportation and expenses if the item isn't found.(Addition transportation costs and expenses may be necessary for long distances)

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, Lakes, yards and snow banks. I can also seach water up to 5 feet deep.

Search Locations

The entire state of WI and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Ryan Holubiw's Bio

I caught the metal detecting bug almost 3 years ago. The first day out I found a silver coin, and the rest is history. I love to see the look on people faces when a ring or other jewelry is brought back to them. I also host a FaceBook group that is more of a contest called "Ring Wars". Which is a freindly contest of metal detectorists all over the world to see how many ring they can find in a years time.

Ryan Holubiw - Recent Blog Posts

  • Lost Ring Recovered In Eagle River, Wisconsin (2016)

    An Eagle River, WI man lost his wedding band while diving in at a local beach.  He found theringfinders.com, and now his ring has been returned.  It toll about 40 minutes to find with SCUBA gear, but with perseverance it has been put back on his finger.  Where is belongs.

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  • Lost Ring Found in Stevens Point WI (2015)

    Lost mens wedding band recovered and returned to the owner.  It was lost while swimming, and was recovered in less than 5 minutes.  Another victory for theringfiners.com.

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  • Lost Ring Recovered in Birnamwood, Wisconsin (2014)

    Another Victory for theringfinders.com .  This young man lost his wedding band in the snow after throwing a snow ball.  A few short minutes on the site I had the ring back on his finger.  Another smile, and a happy customer.

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  • Lost Rolex Recovered in Tomahawk, Wisconsin (2014)

     This guy’s brother got into a car vs. motorcycle accident last weekend. He lost his leg in the accident and is still in the hospital. This watch was given to him by his father that past away a year ago. Well anyway he lost the Rolex watch during the accident. 20 minutes on the site, […]

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  • Lost Ring Recovered in Merrill, Wisconsin. (2014)

      This nice man was very upset when one evening he noticed his wedding band missing off his finger.  His wife 3 weeks later heard of metal detectorist finding lost rings.  She search around on the web and found The Ring Finds.  Search the directory and soon after was leaving a message on my voice […]

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