Rus Craig

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis. That means you pay me what you feel it's worth to have your item back. I will try my best to find your item but if I am unable to find it, I do ask that you pay a $20 call out- fee to cover my gas expense.

Search Types

I have thousands of hours of experience and the best equipment available. I specialize in land hunting in places such as yards, ball fields, golf courses, and parks. I also have underwater equipment and can detect in water up to 5ft deep. A very deep understanding of metal detecting allows me to find items in a variety of conditions.

Search Locations

My primary search area is around Odessa FL and I can travel within 20 minutes of Odessa. I live at Starkey Ranch and love to find lost items in surrounding communities such as Bexley, Asturia, Longleaf, The Preserve, Ballantrae, Long Lake Ranch, and Oakstead.

Rus Craig's Bio

I'm a US Navy veteran, business owner, husband, and father to two beautiful boys. I started metal detecting with my dad over 20 years ago and we've spent countless hours enjoying the hobby together. I'm passionate about detecting and have worked relentlessly to become a true expert in the hobby.

Over the last 10 years I have taught thousands of other detectorists through online video courses and personal training. My YouTube channel now has over 6,000 followers and 700,000+ views for metal detecting. If you know the general location of where you lost your item, I'm 100% confident I can find it.