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Metal Detecting Service Inc.

Metal Detecting Service Inc.

Robin Dunn

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Member Since 2015
    • Asheville
    (North Carolina, United States)
Phone 1-828-713-9428
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Search Locations

Western, North Carolina

Search Types

I will search for lost rings & jewelry and any other metal object at Parks, national parks you will need permission, yards, anywhere metal detector are allowed.

Cost For My Service

Service:I prefer the Reward Basis. You pay me what it's worth to you and what you can afford. There will be a $25 gas charge to cover my expenses to get to you and back if the item isn't found.

Robin Dunn's Bio

I have lived in Buncombe County 20+ years. As a disabled veteran, I have found metal detecting to be a healthy hobbie for 10 years. While detecting I have found all types of jewelery, many coins and to many to list metal objects.

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