RJ Williams

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

"Call for pricing"

Search Types

Beaches, parks, lakes, yards...I can work up to (40 feet of water) Certified diver, call to discuss any water searches.

Search Locations

Panama City Beach & Destin and surrounding areas.

RJ Williams's Bio

I have been metal detecting for over 20 years on land and in the water. I look forward to helping you find what you thought was lost forever.

RJ Williams - Recent Blog Post

  • His and her rings lost… and found! (2017)

    Lost Ring Panama City Beach, FL. Found Ring Panama City Beach, FL. I received a call about a lost men’s and lady’s wedding ring, they had lost them 5 days ago while doing a family photo shoot on the beach! There photographer contacted me, I then contacted the  couple,  I met them at the beach […]

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  • Lost ring Panama City Beach, sandy trouble! (2017)

    Lost Ring Panama City Beach, FL. Found Ring Panama City Beach, FL. I received a call about a lost lady’s engagment ring and wedding band, she took them off to put suntan lotion on and didn’t realize she forgot to put them back on until later in the day when she was back in her […]

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  • Lost ring Destin FL., Jumped in into my arms!! (2017)

      Lost Ring Destin, FL. Found Ring Destin, FL. I received a call about a man’s wedding ring that fell off while playing in the water. I met them at the beach and after about 20 minutes, it was back on his finger!! He was so happy, he jumped into my arms when I handed […]

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  • Found Ring, Panama City Beach, cold and wet!! (2017)

    Lost Ring Panama City Beach, FL. FoundRing Panama City Beach, FL. I’lllet them explain: I posted earlier today about my hubby’s lost wedding ring at the beach. You all helped me find RJ at TheRingFinders.com This guy is legit! – he found the ring at like 9 pm in a cold, dark, rough ocean. He […]

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  • Lost ring Sandestin, FL. (2017)

      Lost Ring Sandestin, FL. Found Ring Sandestin, FL. I got a call about a lady’s engagment ring that was lost while playing volleyball on the beach in a long large pool of water, they had a guy who was metal detecting in there area help them look for it, but didn’t find it, so […]

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RJ Williams - Testimonials

  • RJ found the ring!! I can’t thank you enough RJ!! (2016)


    My husband was playing ball and lost his wedding ring!! IN THE OCEAN. The waves were extra wavy that day, too. Anyway, I couldn’t just “let it go”. There had to be a way to get the ring back. So I went on Craigslist for PCB and searched “lost and found”. Most of the ads were for missing/found pets. BUT I found RJ who has a metal detector! He came out the next day, My husband showed him about where he lost the ring, and within 15 minutes RJ found the ring!! I can’t thank you enough RJ!!

  • Miraculously, RJ found my ring... (2016)


    “I could not recommend the ring finders more! I lost my wedding ring in the ocean on a Saturday at 1:30. Within minutes, RJ was there. I gave him the info on where I lost my ring and left almost immediately because I had to get to a wedding. Miraculously, RJ found my ring, and he mailed it back to my house, hundreds of miles away (certified mail no less). He was incredibly courteous and professional. I really got the feeling that he just loves salvage and recovery. Needless to say, my wife and I were both happy that I lucked into RJ.” -Alex

  • It was truly a miracle and he is AMAZING!..Thank you Rj Williams and your sweet wife!! (2016)


    Today playing catch with Charlie and Will in the water at Rosemary Beach, my wedding rings flew off my hand and sank into the ocean.

    We were about 60 feet out from the shore on the second sand bar. Both of our families plus other swimmers searched over and hour but no one could find them.

    Then heaven sent Rj Williams (https://theringfinders.com/blog/Rj.Williams/) around 4 in the afternoon with his underwater metal detector & scoop and he found BOTH RINGS in under 5 minutes!!

    It was truly a miracle and he is AMAZING! Keep this name and number in your phone and please pass it along if you are traveling to the Florida beaches. We can’t thank him enough. Thank you Rj Williams and your sweet wife!!