Rene Mills

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a Reward Basis, you pay what its worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost item. I have a call out fee of $35.00 if the item is not found, this covers my fuel expenses.

Search Types

Land and up to two feet of water. I cannot do underwater searches at this time.

Search Locations

Colorado front range, up to 100 miles from Lakewood in all directions.

Rene Mills's Bio

I am a healthcare professional who enjoys assisting others. I am skilled at finding rings of all types.

Rene Mills - Testimonials

  • I still can’t believe I have the ring back on my finger! And Rene was fantastic... (2022)


    18 years ago, I designed a ring for my future wife and carried it in a backpack all over the Grand Staircase Escalante and Capitol Reef National Monuments while we camped and hiked for almost a week. I had learned that she had a diamond from her grandmother that would be the centerpiece for her wedding ring so I wanted to create something special when I proposed to her.

    We had recently hiked to the top of Greys and Torreys, two 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado. And we had hiked to the base of Diamond Face at Long’s Peak, another 14er. So, I found a custom jeweler in British Columbia who could take my design concept and make it into a ring. A white gold band with yellow gold inlays of Greys and Torreys on one side of a sun with a diamond chip and Diamond Face at Long’s Peak on the other side. After carrying it around in my backpack for a week, I gave this ring to her when I asked her to marry me.

    After she said Yes, I took this design to a local jeweler with her grandmother’s diamond and asked them to create the same concept: White gold with a yellow gold inlay of Greys and Torrey’s on one side, Diamond Face from Long’s Peak on the other, and her grandmother’s diamond taking the place of the sun. This was coupled with a matching wedding band with several small channel diamonds in a gold band.

    On our wedding day, she wore her grandmother’s diamond in this setting as her engagement ring and I put the wedding band on her finger while she put the original engagement ring (slightly resized) on my hand. So, when I put this wedding band in my pocket while helping a friend do some brush clearing at his new house last week, I was dismayed to find out that I had put the ring in a pocket that had a small hole in it.

    After several days of searching the back yard, the front yard, and even inside the house, it was clear that the ring was “hiding” somewhere. I contacted Renee on Ring Finders and showed her where the ring was most likely to be while adding that we might be searching along a path and into the front yard. I walked away to check some areas that I hadn’t searched because I hadn’t thought I had walked there “just in case” when, comically, I heard Renee five seconds later say, “I found it.”

    There it was. Tucked in the grass as we suspected, exactly where I thought it might be.

    I still can’t believe I have the ring back on my finger! And Rene was fantastic showing my kids how metal detectors work!

  • Cheers erupted, people stared, and I cried when my ring and I were reunited... (2020)


    Over the weekend, at my son’s lacrosse game in a land far, far from home, I took off my wedding rings to put on sunscreen, tucked them into my shorts pocket, and promptly forgot about them. Don’t judge. You get distracted, and life happens. I put up a tent, hauled belongings from the car, got settled in for the day, and then remembered my rings. Lo and behold, my engagement ring escaped the confines of my not at all secure pocket. An all-hands on deck search party ensued with every team parent scouring the area we were in, and one calling the sheriff’s department to see if they had a metal detector. They didn’t but recommended calling Rene at Rene and her family so kindly detoured from a family outing to help in the hunt. With a detector and pointer in hand, Rene gridded out the area, delved under tent stakes, beneath (heavy and stinky) player gear bags, combed through plush grass, dug up bottle caps, pull tabs, a few vape pens, two nickels, and, after a 90-minute search, my ring, which had been stepped on, buried in the dirt, and completely hidden from view. Cheers erupted, people stared, and I cried when my ring and I were reunited. It is now impossible for me to look at my ring and not be thankful for Rene – her professionalism, skills, patience (oh, her patience!), and sense of humor are now a part of my story.

    I cannot tell you how many people love hearing about you and the day’s events - and, especially, the happy ending! It’s incredible!