Reese Burnett

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis...That means you pay me what you can afford and what its worth to you to have your lost item found. $25 to cover transportation and expenses if the item isn't found.(Addition transportation costs and expenses may be necessary for long distances)

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, lakes and Yards, I can also search water.

Search Locations

Saint Paul and surrounding areas. I am willing to travel long distance. I am available most any day.

Reese Burnett's Bio

"IT professional, I enjoy looking for all types of lost items on land and in the water."

Reese Burnett - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost gold ring in St. Paul – Now found! (2018)

    Dana and her husband were playing with their dog in a school yard. On the way home, Dana noticed that she wasn’t wearing the ring that she had made from the gold from her mother’s engagement ring. Dana emailed me a couple of days later and, because the area was large, I took a buddy […]

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  • Sentimental gold ring lost in Woodbury, MN – Now found! (2018)

    I didn’t get her name, but she was very unhappy about losing her ring in the lake while landing her kayak. She watched intently and was so hopeful that I knew I had just to find it. I searched for about 3 hours the first day in thick weeds and muck to no avail. She […]

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  • Hearing aid lost in St Paul, MN – Now found! (2018)

    Jenny was pulling weeds and planting flowers 10 days ago and, after finishing her work, she noticed that her hearing aid was not in her pocket where she had put it. She knew it had to be somewhere in her front yard because she had both hearing aids on while working and placed them both […]

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  • Woman’s white gold wedding band lost in St. Paul – Now found! (2018)

    Jeanine was walking to her car on a cold snowy day in St. Paul and fell. When she got up and shook off her bare hands, she shook off more than the snow. It was a very quick we recovery. We found the ring within minutes. Jeanine was very happy to get the ring back […]

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  • Beautiful Claddagh lost in Red Wing, MN – Now Found! (2017)

    Dana had just finished a lot of gardening in her yard, when she noticed that her gold Claddagh ring was no longer on her finger.  She and her husband searched all over the big yard, but they couldn’t find it and didn’t have any idea where it could have been lost.  Dana’s ring fit her […]

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Reese Burnett - Testimonials

  • it’s a reminder that there are great, kind people out there. (2015)


    “Reese, Ty and I want to thank you for returning Jeff’s class ring.

    Such a kind and wonderful thing you do. Jeff was very athletic through high school and college. He was your typical gym rat.

    Jeff earned his college degrees in Special Education. He was a teacher & administrator for 37 years. We have 2 sons – Ty and Brady.

    I am so grateful to have them in my life. Thank you so much for your time and research into the rings origin, it’s a reminder that there are great, kind people out there. – Janet L”