Ray Johnson

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, you pay what its worth to you and what you can afford to have me come out and find your lost ring. There will be a call out fee of $25.00 to cover my gas if the item isn't found.

Search Types

Beaches, parks, lakes & yards and shallow water.

Search Locations

I can search all of Long Island...

Ray Johnson's Bio

I have been Detecting for over 5 years. I have the top of the line "White's" metal detecting equipment for both land and water detecting. In the last 3 years I have found more than 8,000 coins, 50 rings plus many other pieces of jewelry. I look forward to helping you find what you thought was lost forever.

Ray Johnson - Recent Blog Posts

  • East Hampton Sammy Beach Wedding Ring (2016)

    Forth of July I receive a phone call from Scott, he lost his wedding ring at the beach. I told him I would be there that mourning.  Packed the car and off I went. It was a sunny day put the top down and enjoyed the ride.  When I got to Sammy Beach I asked […]

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  • Long Beach Sag Harbor Engagement Ring (2015)

    Day after Christmas I get a call from a very upset young lady who said she lost her ring at the beach on Christmas, playing football with a few friends. I told her that I would meet her at  noon at the beach.  When I got there She showed me about where she lost the […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring, Shelter Island Beach.. Found! (2015)

    I received a call from a man that lost his platinum wedding ring at the beach on Shelter Island. He put it in the pocket of his beach chair and when he looked for it, it was not there. After searching for it and not finding the ring he turned to The Ring Finders where […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring Amagansett Beach (2015)

    I received a call on Sunday night a wedding ring was lost at the beach in Amagansett. The couple had only been married a few months and the ring very important to the husband.  I meet them at their house and we walked over to the beach. They showed me the area that they lost […]

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  • Lost Ring Ronkonkoma and Yaphank, New York (2015)

    Monday afternoon running around shopping as Tuesday was forcast for MORE snow.  It was mid afternoon and I get a call from a woman who lost her engagment ring in the snow. I still had my detector in the car from the day before, so I asked where she lost it. She tells me in Ronkonkoma […]

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Ray Johnson - Testimonials

  • Ray Johnson. He's my hero! (2015)


    There are no words that I can share as to how grateful I am to Ray Johnson. He's my hero!