Mike Piatkowski

Cost For My Service

Call out fee of $25 within Middlesex, Union, and surrounding Bergen Counties. Excessive tolls may be added, if applicable. We will work on a reward basis... That means you pay me what it's worth to you and what you can afford, for me to find your lost item.

Search Types

Most search locations. Personal property, beaches, Parks, forestry woods, and underwater searches up to waist high deep water. We DO NOT scuba dive.

• Do not contact me if your item is illegal, stolen or in any way against the law to possess, have, or obtain.

• If the search location is on private property that is NOT yours: Please secure permission from the land owner or provide to me a reachable contact of the land owner before contacting me. In writing is best, however a phone contact is adequate.

• If the search location is on Federal or New Jersey State property you may need to contact the appropriate Park authorities to secure permission so that we can perform a legal search. A park Superintendent or his/her designee is usually the proper contact. All Federal and New Jersey State Parks have a website that you can visit with specific information on who to contact for metal detecting. However, please call me with the park details, as I can also contact them, on your behalf. Most New Jersey parks located in Counties, Cities, township, and/or Borough municipalities do not need or require special permissions, if we are mainly surface searching for your item.

• In-house or dwelling type searches are very limited (but not impossible) due to limitations that Metal detecting equipment has with interference with EMF, EMI, Electrical wiring, and other close proximity metals often found within a home or building. Metal detecting equipment is mainly geared for outdoor use. Regardless, feel free to contact me for any in-house search and we can discuss the details and the best approach on helping you find your lost item. I have some equipment that can help for in-house searches. i.e. Bore scope camera, UV lighting (for locating luminescence diamonds), and hand held pin-pointers that can be finely adjusted to facilitate 'close proximity' searches.

Search Locations

North/Central New Jersey (Middlesex, Union and Bergen County). However I am not limited to these area's so please feel free contact me if outside the selected counties or if other closer Ring Finders cannot help at the time. Will travel within reason.

Mike Piatkowski's Bio

I usually work as a team with my wife Karen. We have many years of experience in metal detecting and have found many relic items and lost Jewelry. Our commitment is giving our all to helping you find your lost item. We search thoroughly and to the best of our ability to recover your item. Please feel free to visit our personal pages on YouTube and Face book to get to know us better. It can be found by searching "Appalachian Trail Hunters" (without the hash marks) on either media sites. We are relic hunter's by nature and love to hunt old farmsteads and occasionally beaches, but our passion is saving history. Please feel free to check us out.

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