Mike Piatkowski

Cost For My Service

Call out fee of $25 within Middlesex and Union County. We will work on a reward basis... That means you pay me what it's worth to you and what you can afford, for me to find your lost item.

Search Types

Any search location. Personal property, beaches, Parks, forestry woods, and under water equipment up to waist high water.

Search Locations

North/Central New Jersey (Middlesex and Union County). You can contact me if outside the selected counties. Will travel within reason.

Mike Piatkowski's Bio

I usually work as a team with my wife Karen. We have many years of experience in metal detecting and have found many relic items and Jewelry. Karen recently found a 1969 College ring from the now defunct College of Emporia in Kansas, that resulted in the rightful returning to its owner, who lost it almost 30 years earlier.

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Mike Piatkowski - Recent Blog Post

  • Found (with a twist), Diamond Platinum Earring In Port Reading, NJ (2020)

    Jeanne called me late last week stating that she had lost her one carrot diamond earring that is set in a Platinum post. She was attending a funeral at a local church and upon walking out to her car she stated that she felt something fall. When she felt her ear, the earring was gone. […]

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  • Tungsten Ring Recovered in South Amboy, NJ (2019)

    Eric, from South Amboy, NJ called me about his Tungsten ring he had lost. He stated that he was swatting cob webs that were forming at the corner of his porch when his ring flew off his hand. He stated that he actually heard the ring hit the porch but then didn’t get a chance […]

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  • Lost Platinum ring in Scotch Plains, NJ, Recovered (2019)

      Got a call from ‘Lou’ who found my name through the ‘Ringfinders’ website. He was tilling the front of his house and realized that his Platinum wedding band was missing off his finger. He searched and searched and couldn’t find it. He took all of the discarded material and laid it out over a […]

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  • Found: Seton Hall College Ring, Westfield, NJ (2018)

    I received a call this morning from a very upset and anxious older man by the name of Kurt, who lost his Seton Hall College ring. This thing was a genuine ‘Honker’. It was 18K white gold with a beautiful blue sapphire stone inlay. I figured how hard can it be to find? He lost […]

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