Mike Neiber

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Pay me what you can afford and what it is worth to you to have your lost item found. I would ask $25 to cover transportation and expenses if the item is not found. Additional transportation costs and expenses may be necessary for long distances.

Search Types

Land and water, beaches, parks, schoolyards, playgrounds, fairgrounds, picnic areas, old home sites, churchyards, and etc.

Search Locations

Twin Cities and surrounding areas, willing to travel, flexible availability.

Mike Neiber's Bio

I have a strong passion for detecting and find great satisfaction in the recovery of lost items, relics, coins, jewelry and pieces of history. Every hunt is a welcomed adventure for me!

Mike Neiber - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Platinum wedding band in Western, MN resort. Now found! (2018)

    A man lost his platinum wedding ring while wrestling in the water at a resort him and his family were staying at.  I drove out there for a little fun early on a Sunday morning and found his ring for him before breakfast!

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  • Diamond gold ring lost, found, in Bloomington, MN (2018)

    I got the call to recover an 18k yellow gold diamond ring that was lost by a woman when she was shaking off her hands after taking a fall on some snowy pavement.  I detected all around in the snow near where she had fallen with no luck.  I thought if it had bounced in […]

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  • Found lost Men’s Platinum Wedding Ring, Brainerd, MN (2016)

    I received Seth’s email on the 5th of July requesting my assistance in finding his platinum wedding ring. The ring had slipped off of his hand while swimming in about 5 feet of water near the dock at his cabin over the Independence Day holiday weekend.  Seth’s cabin, located just North of Brainerd, Minnesota, made […]

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  • Women’s Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in the St. Croix River (2016)

    I received a call on Friday evening around 8:00 p.m. regarding a lady who was attending a bachelorette party on a house boat on an island in the middle of the St. Croix and had lost her very expensive diamond wedding and engagement rings (welded together) while wading and playing catch with a football in […]

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