Michael Fuson

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a ''Reward Basis'', that means you pay what it's worth to you and what you can afford, for me to come out and find your lost item.

I do have a $25 call out fee to cover my gas expense if the item is not found. (Might be more or less depending on where you are located)... Call to discuss

Search Types

Parks, Schools, Home sites, Law enforcement searches are free, Water searches up to 5 feet Deep

Search Locations

Nashville area East to Knoxville, West to Memphis, North to Bowling Green, South to Chattanooga.

Michael Fuson's Bio

I have over 25 years metal detecting experience in both ground recoveries as well as water recoveries. I am an active member of The Middle Tennesse Metal Detecting Club. The affords me access to other members experience and knowledge. I have recovered several rings, keys and other personal item for people. I enjoy the smiles when I am able to return something you thought was gone forever. I have 4 ground machines and 2 water machines. This allows me to search in many different conditions. Call me and I will find your lost Ring, keys, or other personal items.

Michael Fuson - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Pendant found in high grass in 10 minutes (2022)

    I received a call from Gus one afternoon. His wife had lost an heirloom pendant in the back yard. This pendant had a small Roman Coin inside of a gold basil. The entire pendent was dime sized. Gus said that his grass was high and they couldn’t locate the item. I told him not to […]

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  • 18 K. Gold Ring with Diamonds found in Tennessee Yard (2022)

    I got a text this morning from a lady in Hendersonville Tennessee. She was picking up up branches from her yard and had lost her ring. This happened 2 days ago. She borrowed her neighbors metal detector (as you can see in her picture). She found 1 ring that was lost. Her yard has a […]

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  • How to find a lost ring in the snow in Nashville Tennessee (2022)

    I received a text from Simone today. She had lost her engagement ring in the snow. We had just gotten several inches of snow in Nashville. I told her I would be there as soon as I could dig my car out of the snow. When I arrived I was met by Simone and her […]

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Michael Fuson - Testimonials

  • We appreciate your promptness and kindness! (2022)


    Thank you so much Michael!

    You found my pendant quickly and was so interested in its story.

    We appreciate your promptness and kindness!