Matt St Germain

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Call out fee: $35 If the item is not found to help cover fuel expenses.

If the item is found you can reward me with whatever amount you feel it is worth to you that I found it.

Search Types

Beaches, parks, lakes & yards.. Shallow water up to 4-5ft

Search Locations

Ocean County /Monmouth County & surrounding areas.

Matt St Germain's Bio

10 years experience metal detecting with top of the line equipment

6 years of recovery experience.

I will do my best to reunite you with your lost item. I do not give up easily and I will try upwards of 3 times.

Follow this checklist to better your chances of getting it back!

1. Do not put it all over social media! There are untrustworthy detectorists that look for easy scores and they will go out to find it and they will keep it!

2. Line yourself up with focal points of where you are/were when it was lost. Ex. Houses/buildings/landscapes

3.Get GPS coordinates from your phone if possible.

4. Note the time of day when it was lost.

5. Call/Message me!!

Matt St Germain - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Gold necklace in the ocean for one week at Seaside Park NJ found by Matt St.Germain (2021)

    Recovery #9 for 2021 I was contacted by Charlie and his wife Susanne on Thursday July 15th. When they were visiting the beach in Seaside Park NJ, Charlie went into the water for a swim but he forgot to remove his necklace and wrap it around his wrist while holding the medallion like he usually […]

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  • Lost wedding band in Lavallette NJ found by Matt St.Germain (2021)

    Recovery #8 2021 This morning I was contacted by Hope after getting home from another recovery. The day before while at the beach with her husband she was holding her husband’s wedding band on her finger for safe keeping and not long after it slipped off her finger into the sand. They looked for awhile […]

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  • Lost rings in LBI NJ Found by Matt St.Germain (2021)

    Recovery #7 for 2021 Today I was contacted by fellow ring finder Dave Milsted in reference to Tracey and her husband Chris. While in the northern part of LBI NJ on vacation and enjoying a day at the beach yesterday. Tracey had removed her four rings and put them in the pocket of her shorts […]

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  • Lost Gold St. Christopher Pendant in Brigantine NJ Found by Matt St. Germain (2021)

    Recovery #6 for 2021 A few weeks ago I was contacted by Marcia on behalf of her step-son Angelo. While Him and his father Chuck were working on the plumbing at a customers house in Brigantine NJ, Down in the tight crawlspace, At some point Angelo noticed a gold necklace laying in the sand. Wondering […]

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  • Lost Engagement ring in LBI NJ Found by: Matt St.Germain (2021)

    A few days ago I was referred to Stephen and his wife Elizabeth by fellow ring finder Dave Milsted for her lost engagement ring. They are here for the week and while they were at the beach with their children, Elizabeth was standing on the slope in the wet sand speaking with a friend. she […]

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Matt St Germain - Testimonials

  • Matt’s skill was quite impressive. (2020)


    Thanks again! I thought there was no chance of finding the ring considering how rough the surf was but Matt made quick work of a tough problem.

    He was on-site by the next low tide, and already searching before I could come out to meet him. I am very lucky to have my ring back, but Matt’s skill was quite impressive.