Matt St Germain

Cost For My Service

Reward Basis/ $35 call out fee to cover some gas/tolls.

Search Types

Beaches, parks, lakes & yards.. Water up to 4-5ft

Search Locations

Toms River, Ocean County & surrounding areas.

Matt St Germain's Bio

3 years experience using top of the line equipment.

Matt St Germain - Recent Blog Posts

  • Lost Tag Heuer watch in LBI NJ Found by Matty St.Germain! (2017)

    Yesterday afternoon i received a referral call through Ronnie DeGhetto, Owner of Gold Digger Detectors in Raritan NJ for a lost watch. I then spoke to Mark, The owner of the Tag Heuer watch valued at 2k Which he had dropped in the sand while him and his wife were packing up for the day. […]

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  • Lost engagement ring in Belmar NJ Found by Matt St.Germain (2016)

    Got a call from a woman at another beach that had lost her engagement ring. She found me through a web search. She took it off and put it on her stomach to put lotion on and forgot she didn’t put it back on until she got up to go in the water. I did […]

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  • Lost engagement ring in LBI New Jersey Found By Matt St.Germain (2016)

    Got a late night text message from a woman named Maryann on behalf of her niece Alyssa. Earlier in the day while at the beach she lost her engagement ring and was devastated. Her aunt had found me on the ring finders page doing a google search. I went out there the next day to […]

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  • Lost Diamond engagement ring Found in Long Branch NJ (2016)

    Got a message from fellow ring finder Edward Cropski Aka NJ lost ring finder Last night around 10:30 pm about a lost engagement ring in Long Branch NJ shortly followed by a phone call from Tiffany Michelle the woman who lost it. While out on the beach earlier in the day with her husband and son. […]

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  • Lost men’s 14k wedding band in Long Branch NJ Found and returned (2016)

    After a 12hr day at work I’m home for maybe an hour when i get a message from Fellow Ring Finder Edward Cropski asking me if i’m near long branch as he just got a call from a guy out with his family that just lost his 14k white gold wedding band in the wet […]

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