Matt McDonald

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Please call to discuss as every search is different. Travel time will apply depending on your location.

Search Types

Anywhere on land : Yards, parks, beaches, campsites or any public area.

Search Locations

Rochester and the surrounding area.

Matt McDonald's Bio

I have been detecting for quite some time now and look forward to helping you recover what you thought was lost forever.

Matt McDonald - Recent Blog Post

  • Gold engagement ring recovered in Rochester, New York! (2016)

    Hello readers, I received a call from Paul last week about his wife’s lost engagement ring. She had dropped it on the bank of the canal in the town of Perinton. I agreed to come and help him take a look on the weekend. I arrived at Paul’s house and had him explain what had […]

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  • Gold ring recovered in Rochester, New York (2016)

    Hello readers, I received a call from Steve last week about a lost ring. The ring flew off his hand while he was at a Fourth of July party last weekend during a little wrestling match between him and his friends in the sand after a few drinks. Pretty standard behavior as far as I’m […]

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  • Wedding band recovered! Rochester New York (2015)

    Hello all! Just wanted to share a neat story with everyone. I received a call from Alex on Thursday 5/21 about a lost ring. I asked Alex for some details on what happened, and was a bit concerned to hear that he wasn’t quite sure where it was lost. He explained he had taken it […]

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  • Lost keys recovered in Rochester, NY (2015)

    Hello readers, I received a call Thursday evening, February 26th, 2015 about a lost set of keys from a person who wishes their identity not be revealed. For the sake of the story we will name this person Al. Al Nonnimus. I was at work late in the evening when Al contacted me about a […]

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  • Summer Solstice recovery Rochester, NY (2014)

    Hello all, So I received a call from Joe last week about a lost ring in a park. Upon listening to the story, I was immediately intrigued, and confident we would be successful. So I agreed to make the hour and fifteen minute drive to help him find the rogue ring… Upon my arrival Saturday […]

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