Martin Johnson

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work totally on a reward payment/fee basis. If I'm successful locating your lost item it's totally 100% up to you, to as what you feel my service was worth. Maybe a handshake and a "Thank You" is all you actually can afford. Well that's OK too.

I do need to charge a (Call Out Fee) of $20.00 to cover fuel & millage though. In some cases depending on your location it may be lower or higher depending on travel distances.

Search Types

Land & Shallow Waters (4 seasons). All private property with land owners permission. Local & State Parks where allowed (some parks have restrictions). I will search any area that we can gain permission to search. Private,Public & State properties. Permission is NOT needed in most/all locations.

Search Locations

Central New York. Syracuse and surrounding Towns & City's. All the way north to the Canadian boarder and south to the Pennsylvania State line.

Martin Johnson's Bio

My wife of 38 years and myself have been treasure hunters at heart our whole life together. We've searched for antique bottles and artifacts barred in the ground, to gold & silver coins on the east coast beaches of the US. I'm recently retired from the 9 to 5 life and now have time to search for and recover other items (like your lost treasures). I use my years of hunting experience and knowledge coupled with the most modern and highest quality metal detecting equipment to achieve the best results. I look forward to the opportunity to locate and reunite you with your lost treasures. Please don't hesitate to call me. The sooner we start searching the better the odds. But even lost items from many years ago can still be located. It's never too late to search.