Lee Campbell

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

My service is on a reward basis, determined by you and normally based on monetary and/or sentimental value. I do have a call out fee of $30.00 to get me on site. If I have to drive more than a half hour, my call out fee will be more and is negotiable. The call out fee covers my gas and other expenses.

Search Types

I can perform searches on land, beaches, or in water up to five feet. Please advise me of any special or unique circumstances concerning the area where you believe you lost your item. If the area is on private property, please obtain permission for the search.

Search Locations

I am able to travel anywhere in the Southern Illinois area. If you are outside of this area, please contact me for possible arrangements.

Lee Campbell's Bio

I am retired from the federal government and the local school district. I have been involved in metal detecting for 25 years and along the way I have helped many people find valuable items they have lost. It has always been a pleasure to see the joyful faces of people who thought their treasured item was lost forever.

Lee Campbell - Recent Blog Post

  • Gold Ring Found in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri (2016)

    Albert contacted me through the Ringfinders website and said he lost a very special ring in his yard.  He described the ring as being made from gold nuggets that were found in Cripple Creek, Colorado…his place of birth.  It was designed with an elk with mountains in the background and a diamond chip.  He had purchased the ring […]

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  • Lost Micro SD Card Found in Maryville, Illinois (2016)

    Alex contacted me and stated he lost a Micro SD card that had valuable information he could not afford to lose.  He had forgotten he had laid it on his lap before he got out of his truck.  He had parked next to a grassy area and was pretty certain that is where it fell from his clothing.  […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring found in Mt. Vernon, Illinois (2015)

    When Trent and his wife were preparing to go fishing in a pond, their small boat capsized and they both ended up in the water.  Once he gained control of the situation and exited the pond, he noticed his wedding ring was missing.  He and his friends tried to find the ring with their hands in […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring Retrieved from Carlyle Lake, Illinois (2015)

    Shawna was at the beach wading in chest high water when she felt her wedding ring slide off her finger and fall to the bottom of the lake.  She and her friends made several attempts to find the ring with their hands.  Shawna’s friend, Mindy, knew a person in the area for whom I found a ring several weeks earlier […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring Found at the Clinton Lake Recreation Area, DeWitt, Illinois (2015)

    When Anuj and Neeru were swimming and splashing in the water, Anuj suddenly realized his wedding ring had fallen off his finger.  They were quite upset because the ring has a lot of sentimental value to them.  The next morning, Anuj contacted me through the Ring Finders website and we agreed to meet at the beach later that day. When […]

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