Laurie Eric

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

We work on a reward basis with a call out fee of 50$ (depending on travel distance).

Search Types

Land and Water up to 4 feet.

Search Locations

The Ottawa / Gatineau Region

Laurie Eric's Bio

We are an experienced husband and wife team that are equipped to recover lost items on land or water up to 4 feet deep.

Laurie Eric - Recent Blog Post

  • Sentimental gold earring lost in Ottawa (2022)

    We received a message regarding a lost earring. Last Tuesday she was working in her garden when she got tangled up in the fencing. Her earring got caught, fell and disappeared. Her parents had bought them for her and they meant a lot. She rented a metal detector but struggled with overhead wires and interference. […]

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  • Precious lost engagement ring found in Ottawa (2022)

    On Saturday Chelsea and her fianc√© were visiting Ottawa and walking back from a festival when she felt her engagement ring fly off, she heard a ding and it was gone. The ring was a little big for her and she had not gotten it sized yet. A large crowd of people assisted in there […]

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  • Late fathers gold signet ring lost while gardening (2022)

    We received a call through The Ring Finders. This gentleman was out gardening and cleaning up the yard when he noticed his ring was missing. He searched but the vegetation and leaves made it extremely difficult to find. He wasn’t sure if it was lost on the ground, in the house or even in the […]

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  • Lost Heirloom Gold Wedding Band While Jogging In Ottawa Ontario (2022)

    Benjamin was married December 2021. His mother had melted some heirloom jewelry (his grandmothers wedding band) It was something irreplaceable! Benjamin was out jogging when he noticed some mud on his hand, as he tried to wipe it off when he felt his ring fly off. He stopped immediately but couldn’t see where it went. […]

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  • Lost Diamond Gold Earing At An Indoor Soccer Field Ottawa, Ontario (2022)

    Our biggest challenge yet! We received a ring finders call for a lost diamond earring. It was lost at an indoor artificial soccer field. ¬†Lyne had a hectic week and she rushed off to her soccer game forgetting to remove her earrings. At one point in the game she went behind the net to grab […]

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