Laurie Eric

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

"We work on a reward basis and a low call out fee. The amount will be determined by travel distance and circumstances".

Please call or text between 9am to 9pm. Emergencies or after hours please send text only and we assure you we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding."

Search Types

Land and Water up to 4 feet.

Search Locations

The Ottawa / Gatineau Region

Laurie Eric's Bio

"Experienced and compassionate team that are here to help find your lost items. We understand the stress of losing something sentimental or valuable and we are here to help. Temperature restrictions are -10 degrees Celsius or colder, due to equipment limitations.

Laurie Eric - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost wedding ring on a bike path in Ottawa Ontario (2023)

    Robert and his wife were biking when his bicycle chain came loose. After repairing his chain, his hands were dirty and he rubbed them in the grass. That’s when he felt and saw his ring fly off. They searched and others stopped to help.. In desperation to find the ring, they even ripped out some […]

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  • Lost ring in a snowy parking lot Ottawa Ontario (2023)

    Courtney felt her ring slip off last Saturday while clearing the snow off her vehicle. She searched the area, but with the ground in the parking lot was covered in snow, she couldn’t find it. When she returned, the plow had pushed all the snow into one corner of the lot. This ring was her […]

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  • Ottawa lost cellphone in the snow (2023)

    After the big snow fall I had a feeling we might get a call. Sure enough the phone rang for a lost cellphone. She was playing with her daughter and climbed up and down the snow pile before realizing her phone was missing, her app showed it was somewhere in the mound. It didn’t take […]

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  • Lost Keys in the snow Ottawa (2023)

    We received a call about a master set of keys that was lost in the snow. He recalled placing the keys in his pocket when he arrived home. He went about his chores outdoors. It continued to snow and at one point he realized his keys were no longer in his pocket. Eric and I […]

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  • Lost diamond ring in the snow on a Gatineau Park trail. (2023)

    A woman’s 14K white gold engagement ring was lost in the snow while hiking in the Gatineau Park yesterday afternoon. The Fiancé seemed pretty sure about the location and they spent time searching but couldn’t find it.  He remembered holding her hand, and she had the ring on. At one point, they had a snowball […]

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