Josh Turpin

Cost For My Service

We work on a Reward Basis...That means you pay what it's worth to you and what you can afford for us to come out and find your lost item... $50 minimum service charge to cover our gas expenses is required if the item isn't found. Additional travel or expedited service fees may apply. Call for details. Prices negotiable.

Search Types

All types. Land, underwater, etc. (additional fees will apply for underwater recovery)

Search Locations

Kansas City Metro Area

Josh Turpin's Bio

High Plains Prospectors is an authorized, multi-line metal detector dealer and gold prospecting shop who also helps people in the local market recover lost valuables. We have an excellent track record for finding lost jewelry and a 90%+ recovery ratio. (And, quite often, if we don't find it, the person eventually realizes they didn't even lose it in the first place!)

Josh Turpin - Recent Blog Post

  • Small Gold Ring Found In Merriam, Kansas – Owners Very Happy (2020)

    Heather and Her Husband Holding The Recovered Ring and Baseball Glove Early last week I received a call from a lady named Heather in desperate need of help. Her and her husband were playing baseball catch in the back yard beneath an enormous shade tree.  When they wrapped up their session she took her glove off […]

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  • Ice Cold Gold – Overland Park Kansas Gold Ring Recovery (2014)

    Earlier this morning we received a call from a gentleman who had lost a ring that was given to him by his late father. He had just pulled up to a friend’s house and walking up to the door as he put his keys in his pocket. The weather just turned and things in the […]

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  • Lost Family Heirloom Recovered by High Plains Prospectors’ Recovery Team (2014)

    Just before Labor Day 2014 we received a call from a man named Brent who wanted to rent a metal detector.  Brent was a local businessman and volunteer football coach for a middle school football team.  Ritually he removes his wrist watch and ring and puts them in his pocket during practice.  He had remembered taking […]

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  • Gold Earring Recovery Olathe, Kansas (2014)

    – November 2013 Although finding lost jewelry is not all about getting on the job quickly, on this particular job we spent more time preparing to find the ring than we did actually searching for it.  We received a call from a lady who had lost an earring.  Fortunately for us, it was a large […]

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  • Another Quick Ring Recovery – Garmin Campus (2014)

    Our latest ring recovery was another quick success story.  One afternoon we received a call from a gentleman who worked at the Garmin world headquarters, which is just down the road from our shop.  You see, Garmin fosters a very active lifestyle for their employees.  They have a jogging trail, strength training, group bike rides, kickball, and […]

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