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Metal detecting since 1980, featured cover story in Treasure Magazine, May 1990. Worked with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in crime scene recovery. National Seashore and local industry post hurricane recovery of property. Assisted in pipe and manhole cover location for State of Florida and local construction companies. On call 24/7. I now have my fiancé Joann assist me on my searches and she is very good at finding rings as well.

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  • How to Find a Lost Ring in Pensacola, Florida (2015)

    Hello my name is John Sanders, I joined The Ring Finders Database to offer my metal detecting service to help people who have lost their rings and other jewelry at beaches, parks, lakes & yards. If you have lost something of value and need help finding it…Call as soon as possible and I’ll help you […]

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  • I love this ring because it was there on our day, every time I look at it it reminds me of my wife (2013)

    On Wednesday of last week my wife and I left to go to a conference at the Hilton, in Sandestin Florida. Thursday was a great day. Perfect weather, calm water. We enjoyed the beach, but the water was still pretty cold.

    Friday, while my wife was at the conference, my ring came off while in waist deep water. I literally watched it sink to the bottom of the ocean. It was instantly swallowed by the powdery sand. It seemed like slow motion. Panic ensued. My heart began to race. I borrowed a small child's goggles. No luck. I had someone stand in the exact same place I was while I went and got 2 nets to strain the immediate area. After two hours my wife came out. Within 15 minutes she had called it a goner. She pleaded with me to not let this ruin our vacation.

    I was shivering after that much time in cold water. My stomach was in knots. I was on the verge of tears. (May 1 had been our 3 year anniversary.) I attempted to pull it together.

    While she was getting ready for dinner I hit the web. I was looking for tips to finding the ring. I filed a claim with hotel security - just to create a paper trail back to me.

    Anyhow- I came across a website called The Ringfinders. It seems to be an independent directory of professional metal detectors. There happened to be a Ringfinder in Pensacola

    (an hour away)

    I contacted John Arthur Sanders, he told me he would come on Saturday at low tide. He also told me if you are lucky, you may even look out of your window right now and see a man with a metal detector.

    I looked, and there was a man named Paul Smith. I ran down to the beach in my dinner attire and informed Paul of the situation. Paul began searching. I had to go to dinner...

    The next morning I got up at 6 a.m. Paul was getting ready to enter the water. I went down to assist. It turns out Mr. Smith is retired Airforce. We are talking about one tough 67 year old Vietnam vet. We searched for several hours in waist to chest deep cold water. He refused compensation. Mr. Smith was no quitter. He was determined to find that ring. It was like a mission to him, but we reached a point where we had to get out of the water. I carried his gear back to the car for him. He told me he would keep my information and continue the search. I never got his contact information.

    At 2:00 John arrived. We were about to see if my layered approach was going to pay off. He promptly said "show me where you lost that ring, son" - that one line had the same feeling as "there's a new sheriff in town" - he began the search, now at low tide. Within 30 minutes he had found my ring. He had estimated its location based off the timeframe, wind, and my original location. I gave this complete stranger a very large hug, on the beach, for everyone to see. I paid him what we had agreed on plus a very nice tip. Here's the photo:

    Later that night, Mr. Smith called. He was back on the beach - ready for round 3. Luckily, someone informed him that we had found the ring. I felt so thankful that he called. At that moment, he was my only regret. I knew he would never stop looking, and I had no way of informing him that we had found it. This was pretty incredible.

    No one understood that this ring was not just another men's wedding band. To tell you the truth, now I don't really care who understands. I love this ring because it was there on our day, every time I look at it it reminds me of my wife, and because I take pride quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

    This was a one in a million story. Just never give up.

    And, if you lose anything metal - just call a Ringfinder.

    Benjamin E. Burney