John Morgan

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis. So, other than a local trip charge of $25, if I'm unable to find what you lost, no matter how many hours I spend looking for it, you won't owe me a thing for my time. Rewards are agreed upon in advance.

Search Types

Land or Water for metal objects such as jewelry, survey markers, or keys. I am a Certified Scuba Diver since 1976..

Search Locations

Brevard County

John Morgan's Bio

I enjoy metal detecting and I get a thrill helping people reunite with jewelry that has great sentimental value to them. I own A Crystal Clear Pool Service Inc.. This gives me the flexibility to drop what I'm doing and help you find your valuables on a moments notice. If I can help give me a call.

John Morgan - Testimonials

  • I couldn’t believe someone could be so kind and so honest – he really was my guardian angel that day. (2014)


    Chris and the Ring Finders are miracle workers – they really do find needles in haystacks!

    A few weeks ago I travelled from Charlotte, North Carolina to Orlando, Florida for a long weekend. It was my birthday and I wanted to relax with my husband and 6 month old daughter.

    After spending a day in Orlando we decided to make a trip to Cocoa Beach and get some sun (it had been snowing in Charlotte when we left!) After we arrived at the beach I started to put sunscreen on my baby. I was wearing my white gold diamond and sapphire engagement and wedding rings which had been fused into one ring –

    I didn’t want to get it grubby when I was putting cream on my baby so I took it off for a second. Not wanting to lose it on the towel I put it onto my pinky toe (yes, I really did that!!!!) for what I planned on being a second – and promptly forgot about it. It must have been an hour later when I thought about putting more sunscreen on my baby, that I realized my ring was missing.

    I was frantic – looking all around where we were sitting, but also at the ocean and the trash cans where I had walked. I couldn’t be sure it hadn’t fallen off at any time when I was walking around. We searched for over 3 hours but we couldn’t find it. I was so upset.

    I couldn’t believe I would be leaving the beach without my ring. After that our vacation was pretty much ruined. We went home to North Carolina the next day, but I just couldn’t relax knowing my ring was still out there. I couldn’t sleep!

    Two days after losing the ring I decided to google the ring’s description and the day and location where I lost it – just in case anyone honest had found it and reported it on Craigslist or another lost and found site. It didn’t come up, but this website did – someone had a story in one of the testimonials about losing a white gold ring on Cocoa Beach. I was fascinated by the website and looked up the local ring finder for Cocoa Beach – John Morgan.

    I really didn’t hold out any hope that he would find it, or that he would even answer the phone – it was just a last ditch effort so I could get some peace of mind that I had at least tried. John was so nice on the phone. He told me that the area where I was describing I had lost it was a very heavily hunted area of beach and that it may have already been found, but he gave me some websites and forums where a treasure hunter might have found it and posted about it.

    I felt good about the conversation with Jon – I trusted him and I was so grateful that he was willing to look for the ring. He didn’t even want anything to go and look. While I was grateful, I really didn’t hold out much hope that he would actually find it.

    I emailed him a screenshot on google maps of where we were sitting on the beach, and some snaps of my husband and baby on the beach with buildings in the background. I also had the parking ticket with a timestamp on it and the exact park where we had parked the car.

    I couldn’t believe it when he called the next day and told me he had found it!! I was stunned and so grateful. It truly was a miracle. He said he had found it by using the snapshots I had sent, to triangulate our exact position on the beach and found it right there where we had been sitting.

    It had even survived the beach tractor going over it. He mailed it to me the same day, by UPS, with insurance on it and I got it several days later. He wouldn’t even give me a return address to send him some compensation for finding it. I couldn’t believe someone could be so kind and so honest – he really was my guardian angel that day. I know he spent several hours looking on the beach, not to mention paying for parking, postage and making at least two trips to the beach.

    Thank-you Chris for providing this amazing service. Your finders can truly find needles in haystacks. I thought it was gone for sure. I’m just so happy that something that is so precious