Jim Sellars

Cost For My Service

For travel more than 30 minutes, I would request a minimum donation of $25.00 for fuel. If I recover your valuables, the reward you choose will be greatly appreciated.

Search Types

Parks, Beaches, Yards, Trails...Mostly land searches...

Search Locations

I live in the mid-Island area, 45 minutes north of Victoria, & I would offer my land only metal detecting services on Vancouver Island, from Victoria to Campbell River areas.

Jim Sellars's Bio

My name is Jim Sellars, and I have been land treasure hunting with various metal detectors for approx. 5 years. I have successfully hunted rings, coins and property pins and have great confidence that my efforts can provide the best result in your search for your valuables.

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  • My daughters refer to your metal detector as the 'magic wand'


    Dear Jim,

    Thank you so much for helping us find my wife's wedding ring. It holds a lot of sentimental value not to mention the 1 carat diamond set in it! She designed the ring using the gold and a diamond from an heirloom ring passed on by her grandmother.

    My daughters refer to your metal detector as the 'magic wand', and I think of you as the 'magician'. What a wonderful hobby you have, we would be delighted to promote your services to everyone we know.

    Many thanks!

    Michael, Samantha, Anika and Kalina

    North Saanich, BC