Jeronimo Barrera

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Reward based - pay what it's worth to you.

Search Types

Capable of searching all terrains including water.

Search Locations

New York City (manhattan/brooklyn/queens/staten island/bronx)

Jeronimo Barrera's Bio

I've been hunting for over 10 years and own all the top of the line metal detectors that allow for hunting varied terrain types including underwater.

Jeronimo Barrera - Recent Blog Post

  • Quick recovery in Central Park NYC (2017)

    Aditya was tossing a football around when he felt his ring go flying from his finger. He frantically looked all over with no luck. That night his friends recommended buying a metal detector. But Aditya did a little research and found a better option, he found The Ring Finders! I arrived early and spoke with […]

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  • Ring Found and Returned from beach in Stony Brook, Long Island (2017)

    Jonathan called me a few weeks after losing his wedding ring while paddling an inter-tube a few yards from the shore. A beautiful Platinum band with an engraving of his wedding date on the inside. ┬áJonathan had made good mental notes of where he lost it and he provided me detailed maps of the general […]

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  • Lost Ring at Riis Beach NYC found in Record Time!! (2017)

    Anders from Brooklyn was tossing a football near the surf when his wedding band slipped off his finger. He felt it and saw it fly away. He knew where it was but couldn’t find it. It vansished under the sand. Anders did a quick google search and found The Ring Finders. Less than 24 hours […]

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  • Ring Recovered from Snow in NYC (2017)

    Sofia was successfully reunited with her family heirloom. The ring is priceless to her so the presssure was on! I had anticipated difucult conditions so had brought along a variety of machines and coils. She lost it while shoveling the sidewalk so I knew trash and interference could make it difficult. Like most lost rings, […]

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  • Lost Ring back on finger in NYC! (2016)

    Gabriella searched for 5 days before calling The Ring Finders. It took just over an hour to recover this beautiful diamond ring from a high school field. Smiles all around!

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Jeronimo Barrera - Testimonials

  • I will forever be grateful to Jeronimo and his treasure finding equipment! (2017)


    I will forever be grateful to Jeronimo and his treasure finding equipment!

    The ring Jeronimo found belonged to my late grandmother and it was gifted to me the very same day I lost it, on my birthday.

    A blizzard hit this day and just hours after my mother gave me the ring, I lost it while shoveling. I tried searching on my own by dumping buckets of snow in my bathtub and sifting through it but, I had no luck.

    I resorted to the internet for answers, and searched phrases like "how to find my lost ring in the snow". came up immediately. I was in shock that such an entity even problem was soon to be solved!

    I contacted Jeronimo and he replied right away. We promptly scheduled his visit, and he arrived exactly at the time he said he would just a few days later after I lost the ring. He was kind, gracious, and got straight to searching my front lawn.

    It was a longer than usual search because of all the interference from surrounding metals, but his patience and superb detectors eventually unearthed my priceless jewelry!

    I had such a positive experience with Jeronimo. If he is your closest Ring Finder, do not hesitate to have him help you. He genuinely loves this work, which makes his efforts all the more valuable. His charisma, friendliness, and generosity made the nerve wracking experience smooth, easy, and even exciting.

    When he found the ring I jolted with happiness, I couldn't believe he actually found it. Simply put, I wouldn't have been able to do it without Jeronimo.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You recovered a priceless gift, and inspired me to take joy out of everything I do.

    Happy endings like this are very rare, and I will remember this experience forever.