Jeronimo Barrera

Cost For My Service

Reward based - pay what it's worth to you.

Search Types

Capable of searching all terrains including water.

Search Locations

New York City (manhattan/brooklyn/queens/staten island/bronx)

Jeronimo Barrera's Bio

I've been hunting for over 10 years and own all the top of the line metal detectors that allow for hunting varied terrain types including underwater.

Jeronimo Barrera - Recent Blog Posts

  • Lost Ring back on finger in NYC! (2016)

    Gabriella searched for 5 days before calling The Ring Finders. It took just over an hour to recover this beautiful diamond ring from a high school field. Smiles all around!

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  • Recovery in the petunias (2016)

    Another great ending to a beautiful wedding ring that was lost during a picnic at the botanical gardens. We were able to get permission to metal detect the area where the ring was lost. Not more than 10 minutes later the ring was back were it belonged. Big smiles all around. A picture perfect recovery!

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