James Martin

Cost For My Service

I work on a ''Reward Basis'' you pay what it's worth to you and what you can afford for me to come out and find your last item.

I have a $25 call out fee to cover my fuel expense if the item is not found. Maybe more or less depending on where you are located. (Call to discuss)

Search Types

All type of terrain, ground cover, weather.

Search Locations

Athens, Madison, Decatur, any everything around and in between.

James Martin's Bio

I am a retired LEO and a retired US Marine. I've been metal detecting for 11 years. I've metal detected in UT, WY, NV, OR, AZ, OH, NC, NJ, FL and now also AL. I've also metal detected and mud-larked in England. I love history, and I use the hobby to validate or refute what the history books say. You can check me out on YouTube by searching 'Bullets and Buttons'.

James Martin - Recent Blog Post

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    Hello everyone! James here!   I’m looking forward to helping in the recovery of lost jewelry and valuables in the northern Alabama area!!   #metaldetectorrentals #lostring #alabamalostproperty #athensalabama #madisonalabama #decaturalabama  

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