Greg Bradford

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

For land searches, I work on a "Reward Basis" meaning you pay what its worth to you, and what you can afford, when I find your lost item. I do have a call-out fee of $50.00 to cover my fuel expense...Maybe more or less depending on your location.

If you have lost your item in the water please give me a call or send me an email. We will need to discuss the logistics and complexity of your search including the costs involved for an underwater search and recovery. Thank you!

Search Types

I can search any type of location and terrain including beaches and lakes. I am fully SCUBA certified (Advanced Open Water certification to 100 feet deep) and own all of my personal diving equipment. I’m ready to go at a moment’s notice if needed. If you lost it, I can find it!!

Search Locations

North Georgia Mountains including Jasper, Ellijay and Canton.

Greg Bradford's Bio

I have been an avid treasure and relic metal detecting enthusiast for over 30 years. I still have my very first metal detector I received from Santa Claus when I was 12 years old (along with a few more I’ve bought over the years....:) I LOVE METAL DETECTING!!! I am a former law enforcement officer and have been a local business owner for nearly 25 years as well. It would be an honor to assist you in recovering whatever it is that you have unfortunately lost.

Greg Bradford - Recent Blog Post

  • I told her NOT TO PULL IT OUT AGAIN😂!!!!!! (2023)

    Hello everyone!!!! Been awhile since I posted anything here on the site or my personal page so I thought I’d start catching up on some finds, both recent and some from awhile ago.  So….. there I was…… in the Chattahoochee River in Helen, GA, the MEGA capital of river tubing (and…uh…LOST STUFF 😫). In the […]

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  • A tough ring find on an even tougher day, North Georgia. (2022)

    Testimony by Mr. Robert Kent, October 5, 2021. “I discovered that I lost my wedding ring halfway up Brasstown Bald on a cool September, 2021, day hiking with my two sons. Tracing steps back, it seemed most likely that it came off while we were swimming at a nearby Georgia State Park lake with a […]

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  • Found Gold Necklace, Lake Sinclair Georgia (2020)

    Hello to all. Got a call from a very nice couple regarding the unfortunate loss of a HUGE gold necklace. They were boating with some friends on Lake Sinclair in middle Georgia. The gentleman decides to take a jump and back flip off of a popular rock ledge. The backflip, which turned into a “backflop”…. […]

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  • Blairsville, Georgia…….. Lost Ring (2020)

    Hello to everyone. Greg Bradford here with a funny recovery story. A few weeks back I got a call from a really nice customer in North Georgia who’d lost his beautiful Rose Gold wedding band while doing some landscape and yard work at his house. I showed up early on a Saturday morning and met […]

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  • Found diamond and platinum wedding band lost in lake Oconee, GA (2020)

    Got a call from a very nice young lady this past Sunday about losing her grandmother’s beautiful heirloom diamond inlaid platinum ring in lake Oconee, Georgia. She put me in the approximate  area where she had unfortunately dropped the ring off the dock and into the murky brown water.  The water temp was “less than […]

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Greg Bradford - Testimonials

  • I would highly recommend using Greg... (2020)


    “Modern Day Treasure Hunter”

    In early June 2020, I was floating a river with 4 friends when I, unfortunately, lost my wedding ring. The timing was less than ideal as my anniversary was the following weekend. I had come to terms with the fact that I would probably never see my ring again when I stumbled upon Greg Bradford’s contact information and thought to myself, “why not?” I told all my friends and family that I had reached out to a treasure hunter to take on the challenge.

    After the first conversation with Greg, I knew I had spoken to the right person. He was thoughtful, caring, and expressed real excitement and optimism about reuniting me with my wedding ring. Not to mention I think he looked forward to the challenge. Fast forward 7 weeks, Greg went to the river on three different occasions to search for my ring. Greg was determined not to be defeated and always expressed confidence that he would be successful. During the process, he got himself certified as a Scuba diver once realizing he would need to be underwater for an extended period of time. After several hours of searching with scuba gear, Greg found my ring. After some humorous texts from Greg, he called me immediately and I could hear the joy in his voice as I’m sure he could hear the shock in mine. It may have been one of the few times in my life that I was at a loss for words. After gathering my thoughts, I immediately reached out to all the disbelievers and told them about Greg’s triumphant success. I can’t express how grateful for all his hard work and for never giving up. Hopefully, you don’t lose anything of great value, but if you do, I would highly recommend using Greg.


  • I cannot recommend Greg Bradford enough. He was so helpful and caring during such an upsetting situation... (2020)


    I want to start by saying I cannot recommend Greg Bradford enough. He was so helpful and caring during such an upsetting situation. First, let me explain how I lost my wedding rings.

    It was a bit after 8:30 pm when I walked our dog in the front yard on Sunday night before the Labor Day holiday. I had the dog leash in my right hand, as my dog pulled me towards our street. As we left my front yard by crossing into the street, my dog pulled me through a large spider web. Embarrassingly enough, I definitely did the spider web “get off of me” dance as I felt the spider on my shoulder and its web across my face. When I did this embarrassing dance move, I flung my left hand up and down. I never even felt my rings actually come off. Only as I continued to walk the dog did the horrible feeling sink in… my rings are gone and I have no idea where they are.

    After running inside to tell my husband about my huge mistake, we searched for hours in our front yard in the dark using flashlights. I have never felt so helpless and the emotions begin to get the best of your mind that both rings were gone forever. Around 11 pm, my utterly panicked brain had one moment of clarity when I googled “need help finding lost jewelry in my area”. This is when I found Greg Bradford!

  • We were overwhelmed with joy! (2019)


    I wanted to share a review of Greg Bradford’s Jewelry finding skills.

    We lost a diamond stud earring, its about as small amount of metal as I can imagine losing!

    The earring was so personally sentimental to us! The ring was lost in the grass in our front lawn, we spent countless hours crawling around the yard to try to find it, without success. We thought we’d never find the earring again! I then came across the ring finders network, and Greg’s profile. Greg came across in his profile has a very professional person and top notch personality! He showed up at my front door and was every bit like his profile read, a top notch professional! Greg went right to work with various metal detectors, and was actually explaining how he was looking to match the existing earring to the lost earring. He was very personable and took the hunt with enthusiasm and vigor. After 1.5 hours Greg found the lost earring! We were overwhelmed with joy! We couldn’t believe we actually were seeing the earring again… I must have told 10 people in the next hour of Greg’s abilities and was so happy for the rest of the day! Can’t express how glad we were in finding Greg, hope you all never lose anything of value but if you do, call Greg as soon as possible!