Gordon Egan

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis... that means you pay me what it's worth to you and what you can afford for me to come out and find your lost item.

I do have a call out fee of $25 to cover my gas expense if the item isn't found. Please contact me so I know where you are located because the call out fee may vary depending on how far you are from my location.

Search Types

Beaches, parks, lakes & yards where ever I can search with my detector to help you.

Search Locations

Broomall & surrounding area.

Gordon Egan's Bio

Retired, like to help people. I look forward to helping you find what you thought was lost forever.

Gordon Egan - Recent Blog Post

  • Gordon Egan (2017)

    My first call was not for anything I expected. A man who has a leek in the plastic tubing of the radiant flooring  heat beneath his den floor, that has brass fittings  he believed the fittings are  leaking. rather then tear up the whole floor he wanted to zero in on the possible areas of the […]

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