Ed Huffman

Cost For My Service

Call or Email for Pricing.. Contact me if you are outside my area to discuss travel. I will go anywhere to help you find your lost ring!

Search Types

Land/Shallow Water ~ Beaches, Parks, Lakes, Rivers & Yards... I also have underwater metal detectors and can search down to depths of 5 feet.

Search Locations

Knoxville TN - & surrounding area... Contact me if you are outside my area to discuss travel.

Ed Huffman's Bio

Hi! I'm Ed. I'm an Artifact Recovery Specialist!

I help Museums, Government Organizations, & Individuals to locate lost items, historical artifacts, and survey buried sites that are of interest.

I've gained years of experience while hunting for artifacts and learning effective researching and hunting methods from my own hunts and other expert artifact hunters.

I don't just hunt for lost artifacts/jewelry. I aim to find them. Most of my finds I've sold to private collectors and donated to museums. Artifact hunting is not just a dream for me. It is my business and passion.

Unique Experience:

Locating what you're searching for involves not only skill and experience in using tools such as metal detectors, but it also means doing your homework. This is where I excel.

Graduating with my BS Degree at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga taught me what research means. Working as a Detective for the State of Tennessee for a number of years taught me how to make sense of it. - This makes me uniquely qualified to assist you in discovering the rich history beneath us.

Using my skills as an experienced metal Detectorist of 30 years and a former Detective for the State of Tennessee, I offer to come to your aid in locating that lost ring.

I've been doing this both as a hobby and business for years. I've found items that have included rings, coins, jewelry, civil war relics and more.

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