Douglas Carney

Cost For My Service

My services is on a Reward Only Basis. You only pay when your item is found. It's what you feel it's worth, for me to find your lost item.

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, Lakes & Yards...I can work up to 4 feet of water for your lost ring.

Search Locations

Huntington Beach, Balboa, Laguna Beach & Newport Beach. I will travel to get to your location to find what you thought was lost forever.

Douglas Carney's Bio

I have been treasure hunting for ten years. I have been metal detecting the beaches for ten years looking for treasures. I enjoy the service and helping people.

Douglas Carney - Recent Blog Posts

  • Lost Ring Palm Springs (2014)

    I got a phone call from a young lady that told me that she lost her Great-Great Grandmother ring that was given to her many years ago. She was playing with her dog in her backyard when the ring went missing. She spent 3-4 hours searching her back yard but without any luck. She found […]

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  • Lost Rings at Newport Beach…Found (2013)

    Sunday morning I received a call from a young man that told me that his wife was very stressed and upset that she lost her diamond engagement ring and wedding band. He also said that they rented a metal  detector and searched for hours but couldn’t find it. After searching the Internet he found The […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring at Balboa Beach, California (2013)

    Hello my name Douglas Carney, I joined The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Specialists to help people find their lost rings and other sentimental items at Balboa Beach and the surrounding area. If you have lost something at the beach or park or even your own back yard give me a call,  I’ll do my best […]

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  • Lost Ring strand beach found (2013)


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Douglas Carney - Testimonials

  • It was a miracle! It was two days after I had lost my rings... (2011)

    I lost my engagement ring and wedding band on the beach in Dana Point two days ago, Thursday June 30th. I did not realize I had lost my rings until the next morning when I went to put them on. I take them off every night. I immediately realized how and when I lost them. When I was putting sunscreen on my 4 month old I took my rings off and put them in the cup holder of my chair. I completely forgot about them. I went back the next day Friday July 1st and spoke to the lifeguards to see if anything had been turned in. Of course no rings, just a cell phone and watch. I desperately tried to locate a metal detector to go back in the evening to try and look again. The metal detector I had borrowed from a friend was a joke. It looked like a toy and sure enough no luck! That is when I turned to Doug Carney. He said he could come out right away. He showed such amazing enthusiasm and assured me he could find them. We made arrangements to meet the next morning bright and early to beat the crowd. I didn't really know what to expect and when I saw the kind of equipment he had and his friend he brought I felt at ease. I had a great feeling we were going to find the rings. I took him to the location on the beach where I thought I had lost them and he first prayed then right to work. About 15 minutes went by before he found the first ring. I was overjoyed!!! I would have left a happy girl with just that ring. Then his friend took a turn looking through the sand with his metal detector and within 5 minutes my engagement ring was found! It was a miracle! It was two days after I had lost my rings and it was apparent the tide had come up the night before and they still found my rings with no problem at all. I am forever grateful the Doug and would recommend him to anyone in need!

    Thank you for your time!

    God Bless,

    Bethany Short