Douglas Bennison

Cost For My Service

My services are on a Reward Only Basis. You only pay when your item is found.

It's what you feel it is worth to you, for me to find the item. Rewards are agreed upon in advance.

There will be a $40.00 call out fee to help cover the equipment and fuel expenses, if the item is not found. If the search location requires me to travel outside the Sudbury area, the $40.00 call out fee will increase and must be agreed upon in advance.

If you have lost your item on private property, it will be necessary for you to obtain prior written permission for me to perform the search.

Search Types

Parks, beaches, yards, fields, snow, survey stakes, almost anywhere.

Clean water up to about 6 feet, in warm weather. No underwater searches.

Search Locations

Greater City of Sudbury, but willing to travel farther if required.

Douglas Bennison's Bio

I started metal detecting in 1987, because it was something that I had always wanted to do. It is important to me, that I help people find their lost items. Losing something of sentimental or of great monetary value is very upsetting.

I am retired and can now spend more time doing what I love, metal detecting.

I have belonged to the Sudbury metal detecting club "N.O.R.T.H." for 25+ years.

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Douglas Bennison - Testimonials

  • Douglas Bennison and The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service.. Thank You so much


    My name is Sean, 31years old, from Sudbury Ontario, Canada.

    And this is my testimonial...

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank Douglas Bennison and the Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service.

    I had lost my fiance's engagement ring outside, in my yard, in the snow, and there was no way I'd ever find it again.

    I didn't know what to do, I won't get into details about how I lost the ring, but my relationship and happiness was on the line.

    I typed in a search for metal detector experts online.. Ring Finders came up.

    Through the Ring Finders website, I was able to find a metal detector expert in my area.. Douglas Bennison. I sent him an email. Douglas reacted promptly to my request and was extremely professional in his approach...

    Douglas came over very the next morning, freezing cold outside, snowey winter in Northern Ontario...Sudbury Ontario to be exact.. I couldn't stay outside more than 20mins.. Well I could but didn't want to, to be honest.

    The thing that bothered my conscience more than anything is that I was so certain of the general area for Douglass to look.

    After over an hour in the freezing cold I thought it was hopeless, but Douglas, however, didn't give up.

    After almost 2hours Douglas came to the door. I thought It was over, as I was gonna thank him for trying so hard, he had a smile on his face and opened his hand,

    I WAS SO SHOCKED!, to see him smiling and our ring in his frozen hand. I could not believe it!.seriously… my fiance was on the edge of tears and crying, I was too actually, but adrenaline kicked in.. My fiance hugged him for a good long 30seconds.

    You could tell Douglas just has a good heart... that hug was mutually initialized by happiness from both sides..

    I was so shocked and happy the only thing I could think of was to grab money, and as much money as I could, 250$ I think it was. Me and my fiance are not too well off, so 250$ was a lot for us, but we didn't care, I put the money on the table, telling Douglas to please take it.. There was no was i was letting him leave without taking it. Douglas refused anthing other than gas money to get to my place and back home.. he was just happy to help.

    I Still could not believe he went out of his way to find the ring in an area where I was so certain it could never be... in the crazy cold outside..

    Douglas Bennison and The Ring Finders

    Metal Detecting Service.. Thank You so much, couldn't be more grateful, Doug you really did save me.