Derek Hoffman

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Important: for a successful recovery CALL ASAP-24/7 hotline 732.551.9238

SPMG, LLC Xclub East Coast Treasure Hunters and Beyond Provide the best service in the business.

Time-Sensitive Searches, Beaches, Parks even your own back yard. My call-out fee is $25 for most areas. If the ring is not found, this fee covers my fuel expenses.

I work on a reward basis, which means you pay what it's worth to you and what you can afford to have me find you’re lost jewelry. We can discuss this when you call.

Search Types

All Precious metals, Gold, Silver, Diamonds, and more. Our team covers Beaches, Parks, Lakes & Yards. The machines I use are waterproof and can search up to 1-3 feet of water.

We also offer a “find your treasure” service as well. If you need a house and property search for hidden cash, gold, silver, etc. I can help.

Search Locations

Ocean and Monmouth County. Contact me if you are outside my area to discuss travel. I will go anywhere to help you find your lost jewelry!

Derek Hoffman's Bio

After many successful recoveries over the years by just word of mouth I wanted to help people more, so I became a Trusted Member of The Ring Finders Directory with the thoughts of helping people find their

most sentimental and irreplaceable lost items.

I bring with you over 30 + years of metal detecting experience along with a backup team with Xclub East Coast Treasure Hunters and Beyond with over 400 experienced members and growing.

I understand the feeling of losing jewelry, especially when it has so much meaning.

That is why I’m offering my service 24/7

I love my job and I look forward to helping you find what you thought was lost forever!