Della Peterson

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Reward basis if item is found, and if item is not found $25/hour to cover time and gas. (If search area is more than 20 miles away, additional fuel fees may be charged)

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, Yards...

Search Locations

Ojai, Ventura, Carpentaria, Montecito, Santa Barbara, Goleta, San Ynez

Della Peterson's Bio

I studied Biology at Westmont College, and afterwards became an RN. I am married and have three teenage boys. My husband owns a finish carpentry business and I work part-time doing carpentry. Metal detecting is a hobby I enjoy. I love finding things, and it is especially a joy to find a lost item for someone! I also enjoy looking for gold in the mountains rivers of our beautiful State!

Della Peterson - Recent Blog Post

  • Bracelet Found-Santa Barbara, Ca (2016)

    A young college student lost a bracelet in Sept 2016 while playing beach volleyball.  She found me on The Ring Finders website.  We met and after five minutes a target was located at the court’s service line.  She had though she lost it while serving the volleyball.  The gold heart bracelet had broken in two […]

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  • Lost Keys Returned To An Ecstatic Owner-Goleta, CA (2016)

    May 25, 2016 turned out to be a sunny beach day and a happy day for a Volvo owner.  I was called in a panic by a student who lost her car keys at night while wrestling on the beach with friends.  The keys were no where to be found.  I went out to the […]

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  • Found Wedding Band at Campus Point Santa Barbara, Ca (2014)

    I got a call from a discouraged husband who informed me that his wife’s wedding band got lost at Campus Point beach in Santa Barbara.  He thought he had put the ring thru on a bracelet and then clasped the bracelet.  When he got home opened his board short’s pocket the bracelet was still clasped, but […]

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  • Wedding Ring Found on Pismo Beach (2013)

    A young couple called me a few days ago frantically reporting that the wife lost her diamond wedding ring at dusk on Pismo Beach.  The husband had tried to find the ring which had flew off his wife’s finger when she was brushing sand off her children’s beach ball.  Because it was getting dark and […]

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  • Found Survey Marker! (2013)

    On 4/12/13 I was called to find a Survey Marker for a client.  He took me down in his yard where he was planning on building a new fence.  His marker was buried in about 6-7 inches of dirt.  Within 3 min we found his marker!  I also found a quarter dated from 1970.  By […]

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