Del Witters

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a traditional reward basis... you pay me what you can afford, and what it’s worth to you, to have your lost item found.

My service call fee is very reasonable and covers my expenses if the item is not found. Please give me a call to discuss your needs.

Search Types

Yards, Parks, Beaches, and Water, including shallow diving, dependent on conditions. If you lost your ring in a public area it is important to call me as soon as possible.

Search Locations

Portland & Columbia River Gorge... Including Beaverton, Tigard, Wilsonville, Woodburn, Estacada, Gresham, Forest Grove, Scappoose, Vancouver, Battle Ground, Camas, Washougal, The Dalles and all areas in between!

"Happy to search other Oregon and Washington areas, give me a call"

Del Witters's Bio

Happily married with 3 grown sons. Retired after 26 years of US Army & Coast Guard service. Prefer a firm handshake to a contract and I'm as honest as they come.

Purchased my first metal detector in 1973 and have found more than 60 pieces of gold and silver jewelry. Metal detecting for lost items, especially jewelry, is a learned craft and I am confident that with my extensive experience, quality tools and persistence I will find your lost item if it's within the area searched.

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Del Witters - Testimonials

  • He is the Chik-a-Fila of ring recovery, (2020)


    He is the real deal, I would have been out quite some money but more importantly, my now wife is saved from that kind of a nightmare forever!

    God bless you Del, thank you for the stories, the ring recovery, and a genuinely good time being with you!

    He is the Chik-a-Fila of ring recovery.

  • Odds are in your favor if you call Del at The Ring Finders! (2020)


    What are the odds that a black wedding band lost in the current of the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon would ever be found!?

    Odds are in your favor if you call Del at The Ring Finders! My son and his wife are thrilled his wedding band was found. I am beyond impressed!

    We all are…Thank you Del! It was a pleasure to meet you and celebrate the find!

  • I truly wish I had known about The Ring Finders and Del years ago... (2019)


    I could simply not believe how easy Del made this entire process. I wish I had known about The Ring Finders years ago, but Del wasn't worried at all about the elapsed years. He was very prompt, direct, and friendly throughout the entire exchange, offering all kinds of detail about the entire search plan and procedure. Luckily we had quite a bit of photo documentation of the day of the loss, and I had fun looking at satellite photos and circling areas of highest likelihood at Del's request. He made excellent use of that information and was super efficient in his searching. I had hesitantly gotten my hopes up when he first told me how certain he was, especially given the size of the property and my time- and alcohol-befuddled memory of the events of that day. While I was excited to hear about the search, a significant part of me was expecting an email saying that all daylight hours were utilized but ultimately fruitless. Instead he let me know that he had the ring in hand in time to be home for lunch! What a rock star. Dell knows the technical side of the business well but also excelled and proactively handling all of the personal details too. He made the effort to woo the property owner and reassure her about any concerns, and he had that ring in the mail and flying across the globe to me immediately. I didn't even have time to plan an elaborate reveal, it was incredible. From beginning to end, our entire interaction with Del was amazing, and I can still hardly believe how easy this was--for me as the customer, that is. I truly wish I had known about The Ring Finders and Del years ago, as I would have called much, much sooner.

  • f you need help finding a lost ring or other metal object, Del is your guy! (2019)


    Del did much more that what he stated. In my call with him, he was happy to help but suggested I first consider several courses of action that might be quicker and low cost. They were great suggestions but we felt we needed him to do the job. Besides the sentimental value, it would have cost four times what we paid Del to replace it. He and his wife were delightful and we were very happy to meet them. If you need help finding a lost ring or other metal object, Del is your guy!

  • I’m on cloud 9 and will hope to never loose it again! (2019)



    Thank you so much, all is so surreal to me! I had so many emotions come over me, I felt like we just did our vows again. Like I just caught my first steelhead my hands was shaking!

    Prior to you coming over to show us what you found. Elke and I had our little talk that if it was not found that all would be okay, that it was not meant to be. I felt assurance and didn’t expect you to find it! I’m on cloud 9 and will hope to never loose it again!

    The best thing about all this I feel whole and complete again to show I’m a proud married wife!

    I absolutely love how all fell into place. Especially the bald Eagle was confirmation of being in right place right people and time.

    Looking forward to dialing you in the mighty Deschutes river! Water Is life Alysia, Littleleaf.