David Sponenberg

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a Reward Basis… that means you pay me what it's worth to you and what you can afford, for me to come out and find your lost item.

There will be a $25 call out fee to cover my gas expense, maybe more maybe less depending on where you are located.

Insurance company and other professional services organization inquiries welcome; percentage negotiable on a case by case basis.

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, Lakes & yards... (Shallow water searches as well)

Search Locations

From the New Hampshire Coast to the Vermont/NH border and the Massachusetts/NH border to the White Mountains. Also, I will travel to the Maine Coast to help retrieve lost items.

I will attempt to search any area open to metal detecting, however you must secure permission if the object is on private property. Federal Land is off limits.

David Sponenberg's Bio

I live in Concord, NH with my family, and own a CFO Consulting business which allows me the flexibility to enjoy my hobby. I became hooked on metal detecting over 30 years ago, when I found my first gold ring at the age of 12. I now look forward to helping people find what they thought was lost forever.

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