David Sielaff

Cost For My Service

Buying or renting professional grade metal detecting equipment is expensive and doesn’t guarantee you’ll have the skill or luck to find an item before it is lost to nature or someone else finds it. When you call me, I go to my arsenal of detecting equipment and select an ideal machine for the recovery of your lost item. This includes items as small as an earring back to as large as an anchor. I also consider the area you lost it, there are machines ideal for water, machines for the beach, and machines to handle urban areas. To supply this equipment and drive to your location, I charge $50 and include up to 90-minutes of searching for the object. If found, an additional reward is encouraged. For example: $25 for keys, $50 for phones & electronics, and $100-500 for jewelry or watches.

Search Types

It is possible to locate any metallic object and I am happy to search yards, beaches, or chest-deep in ocean water; however, I do not perform recoveries from inland rivers or lakes.

Search Locations

Indialantic beaches and surrounding areas throughout Brevard and Indian River Counties.

David Sielaff's Bio

I have enjoyed metal detecting for 20+ years as a hobbyist and professionally have also operated high-end systems that utilize ground penetrating radar to seek deep objects or objects imbedded in rock and concrete. As of March 2020, I have a 94% success rate for recovering objects that were lost within six hours of notification. This includes objects such as earrings, wedding rings, necklaces, heart-rate monitors, drones, dental hardware, sunglasses, keys, phones, and a very special dog collar =). To recover your object, the best advice I can provide is to not wait to get help, especially at the beach. Tides change about every 12 hours, allowing objects to be dragged out to sea, bury deep in the sand or become exposed to the random beach comber. Additionally, there are many local and tourist folks that detect beaches each day and do not seek to return items to their rightful owners. Therefore, the success rate can significantly drop if an item is lost at a beach and not reported right away. If you lost an item, your chance of success depends on how quickly you call for help!