David Sielaff

Cost For My Service

I have a trip fee of $25 + reward that is agreed upon in advance. That means you only pay what you can afford or feel item is worth. If the lost item is not recovered, you only pay the trip fee.

Search Types

Beaches, Ocean, Parks, Residential and Commercial properties… I also have waterproof metal detectors and can search up to 5-feet of water.

Search Locations

St. Augustine, FL … contact me if you are outside my area to discuss travel. I will go anywhere to help you find your lost item.

David Sielaff's Bio

I use professional grade, waterproof, detecting equipment to recover and RETURN keepsakes that owners thought would be lost forever. If you lost an item, especially at the beach, time and tides play a critical role in the successful recovery of lost items. Don’t delay, call or text!