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  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Our specialists work on a Reward Basis...That means you pay what our service is worth to you and what you can afford for us to find your lost item. It's not based on how long the search takes, it is based on whether or not we find it. A minimum travel expense of $30 will apply. Extended travel distance fees will be determined and mutually agreed upon prior to the search.

We also work with Insurance Companies property claims and Law Enforcement on evidence recovery.

Please note-If you are looking for your buried gold, silver, or cash we work on a percentage or a flat fee that will be negotiated prior to the search. CALL to discuss.

We get to make people smile, we get to hear their stories of what their lost item means to them, and we get to see how happy they are when we find it. The greatest feeling is helping people find what they thought was lost forever.

Search Types

We can conduct metal detecting searches year round in all types of terrain: yards, wooded areas, fields, beaches, public parks, etc. (provided we are given permission), and WATER up to 10 feet in depth. Searches also can be conducted in the snow. If your lost item is located on private property, we require proper permission be obtained by you from the property owner prior to conducting the search.

Our Search & Recovery Specialists pride themselves in proper recovery techniques leaving the search area pristine

Search Locations

Potsdam N.Y. & surrounding areas.

David Cole's Bio

I am a self-employed Commercial/Residential Electrician and some of the equipment I have used has introduced me to the metal detecting hobby. Now I try to use the skills I have learned to help people get rid of that horrible feeling we all get when we lose something of significant value to us.

David Cole - Recent Blog Post

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