Dave Pommer

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

My service is on a Reward Only Basis. You only pay if your item is found. I leave it up to you as to what you feel is reasonable and fair. However, if the item is not found, a $25.00 Call-Out fee to help cover fuel & vehicle expenses is greatly appreciated.

Search Types

I have high end detectors that enables me to search both land and water. I will hunt beaches, parks, yards lakes & campgrounds. In the water, I can detect up to depths of 5 feet. I can use my detectors anywhere to help you find what you've lost.

Search Locations

I live in the heart of Southwestern Ontario and I'm willing to travel up to two hours to help you find your lost item.

For further distances, feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone & we can discuss the details and go from there.

Dave Pommer's Bio

I am semi-retired, so my time is quite flexible. Although I am only into my 8th year of detecting, I am considered by many as a diehard detectorist. I have a variety of detectors & equipment, for both land & water. Currently, I am the President of two metal detecting clubs and one local Coin Club. The one detecting club, which is the largest in Ontario, has over 80 members. I enjoy meeting new people. I like to learn from the veterans, plus like to teach the newer generation helpful tips that I have learned from my own experiences.

I joined The Ring Finders because I am a strong believer in what Chris Turner is doing, to help people to be re-united with their lost items. It brings me great pleasure to be able to be a part of this growing team and I hope I will be able to add your picture to the Book of Smiles.

Dave Pommer - Testimonials

  • I realized my silver wedding band was not on my finger... (2011)

    The day of my son's 5th birthday was sunny and perfect. Late in the afternoon, after lots of swimming, games, clowns, cake, and cleaning up, I realized my silver wedding band was not on my finger. I didn't panic because I just thought "how hard could it be to find it in my backyard?" We scoured the grass, the gardens, the pool but we couldn't find the ring. We looked daily for a week knowing that it HAD to be in the backyard somewhere. Looking to purchase a metal detector, I went online and found The Ring Finders website instead. I quickly contacted Dave Pommers from London, Ontario, who was willing to drive almost 3 hours to help us with the search. Well, all our friends had a good laugh when we told them that a "Ring Finder" was coming to our house to find my wedding band.

    Dave showed up and did a thorough search of the backyard.no ring! Not being one to give up so easily, Dave searched our neighbor's yard and found the ring within minutes. There are just no words to explain how happy I felt to see Dave triumphantly holding my ring in his hand! I still have NO idea how the ring ended up in my neighbor's yard (curious squirrel, vigorous dive, evil clown?) but I am so thankful to Dave for his persistence and thorough search methods!

    And thank you Ring Finders for providing connections to such an awesome service.