Damien Stark

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

A flat call out fee of $25 covers my gas and travel plus 3 hours of looking for your lost item. I work on a reward basis, letting you decide what you'd like to compensate me for recovering your lost possession. No charge if your item can't be found. But I'll give it my best! Only additional cost is ferry fare to islands other than Orcas Island.

Search Types

Will search wherever you have lost your item. If it's necessary to go on private land, permission must be obtained first.

Search Locations

Orcas Island and the San Juan Islands. Willing to travel anywhere on a per call basis after we talk on the phone.

Damien Stark's Bio

I've enjoyed so many things in my life. Metal detecting, which started out as a hobby as a kid has resurfaced as a part time treasure hunter and finder of things lost from jewelry to gold tooth crowns to secret time capsules! I dig seeing folks reaction to their lost item back in their hands with a smile on their face.

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    Travel, rain, up at 5am etc, these are all part of the adventure of being a Ring Finder. I received a call from a woman last week who was in need of help finding a key. She told me over the phone that a key had been lost by someone clearing brush inside a gated […]

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    When I joined THERINGFINDERS.com I never expected to have too many calls being that I live on a small Island in the San Juan Islands in Washington State. How wrong I was! Recently I was contacted by a man in Seattle who was visiting Orcas Island and had his Platinum wedding ring slip off his finger as […]

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