Craig Ziecina

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, that means you pay me what it's worth to you and what you can afford for me to come out and find your lost item.

There will be a call out fee to cover my gas to get to your location & back. if the item isn't found. We will discuss this before I come out to search.

If you require scuba search its still a reward basis but there will be a cost involved to cover my Air for my tanks me to discuss.

Search Types

Wading, Scuba diving, with VLF and Pulse detector.

Search Locations

Hanover, Michigan & surrounding areas...Will search Lakes, rivers, ponds, yards, inside homes for hidden items.

Craig Ziecina's Bio

I've been scuba diving since 1995, when I was certified while in the Marine Corps. I've been metal detecting for the past 8 years and scuba detecting for 7 years. I've found hundreds of rings, and jewelry items. I've successfully returned every item to the owner when information pertaining to the owner was present.

Craig Ziecina - Recent Blog Post

  • Ring, necklace, cross and charm found Sanford Mi (2019)

    Three weeks ago I received a call from Mickey concerning a lost necklace, cross, charm and wedding ring. The ring was put on the necklace to prevent it from being lost while swimming and stowed on board the pontoon boat inside Mickey’s hat. Upon returning to the boat, the hat was grabbed and the necklace, […]

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  • Glasses recovered in Lake LeAnn, Jerome Michigan (2019)

    I received a text¬† yesterday from a friend who lost her ray ban sunglasses in her lake.¬† Sonia was lifting her dog onto her swim platform when her glasses were knocked off and sunk to the bottom. Several hours of searching with mask and snorkel turned out to be unsucessful. Needless to say, Sonia wasn’t […]

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  • Ring Recovered Devils Lake Michigan (2019)

    I received a text from a friend concerning a lost ring on July 4th. The ring had been lost while playing in the water on the Devil’s Lake sandbar during the Holiday weekend. I contacted the frantic and upset owner who briefed me on the lost ring. Christine was able to “pin” the area and […]

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  • Ring found/ Swains Lake, Concord Mi (2018)

    Last night at 11:15pm I received a email about a lost ring in a local lake, in the county I live in. Krystal seemed frantic and very emotional in her email. I contacted her today and made an appointment to conduct a detailed scuba search of the lake. After morning obligations, and the kids were […]

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  • Ring found DUNDEE MICHIGAN (2018)

    I received a call from Cindy who told me her husband lost his ring on Aug 14. Her husband was swimming in his family’s pond and his wedding ring slid off his finger on his way back to the dock. I arrived today and found the pond to be beautiful,,,and very green. The pond had […]

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