Chuck Raison

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

My fee is based on rewards. What the service is worth to you and only what you can afford. There is a trip charge of $25.00 over 20 miles from my location if the item is not found. This is to cover fuel expense.

Search Types

My search includes any land with owners permission. Water up to 30 ft. I dive with hookah.

Search Locations

My search area is within 125 miles of Baldwin. Will travel farther, however please call to discuss this option.

Chuck Raison's Bio

I started detecting in the mid 70s. Then Started a construction business in early 80s which dominated my time till 2010. In 2011 I purchased two garrett water detectors and in 2012 I purchased a hookah diving machine. Since 2012 I have been detecting under my business , (lost items recovery.) After working with a friend who is a member of ring finders, I decided to desolve my business and join ring finders to reach a larger population and injoy the wealth of experience that comes with being a member of the ring finder group. I have had many successful hunts and look forward to reuniting many more people with there lost items. Thank you for concidering my service to fullfill your needs.

Chuck Raison - Recent Blog Post

  • precious jewelry in the rifle river. (2018)

    Hi all.     On Aug 18th i received a call and email from Amanda.    A young lady in distress.  Seems she was tube floating with her family, friends and love of her life.    Not far into the float her engagement ring slipped from her finger and sank to the bottom of the river.   In […]

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  • Big Star Lake Gives Up Gold. (2018)

    On 6/28/18   I received a call from young wife Brianna that her husband Lee had lost his wedding ring in Big Star Lk. in Baldwin Mi.   Renting a cottage for their vacation they had one day left before going home.    We agreed i would meet them the next morning and start the search.   […]

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  • Class Ring & Roxanne Reunited. (2017)

    September 12th  i was with a few other Ring Finders on a get together hunt at a lake near Kalamazoo mi.  Half way through the day i scooped a class ring with the name Roxanne inside.  The ring was from a school in northern lower mi.   Within a few days i was able to find […]

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  • Built in radar. (2017)

    Hey everyone.        Sunday last i received a call from Tim who with his family was up at silver lake from Ohio on vacation.     While out in the water the day before,  Tim’s older son was feeling his oats and figured he could take the old man down.     A strapping young man he is […]

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  • wedding/engagement ring found on hwy 127 (2017)

    Aug 11th i received an email from Jennifer regarding her lost wedding ring which she lost out the window at 60 miles an hour the evening before.    Jennifer and husband Felix we’re able to narrow the search down to about a quarter mile.   After searching for about an hour and a half the couple […]

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Chuck Raison - Testimonials

  • You are definitely an Angel sent to help her. (2018)


    I am Amanda’s Grandma. Chuck, I just want to tell you how amazing you and your friend are. You took time out of your day and away from your family to help someone you didn’t know. This is so much more than just an engagement ring to Amanda and Robbie. It was part of his heart. Passed down to him to give to the woman of his dreams. Our Amanda was the happiest girl on earth when Robbie presented it to her back in April. When she thought it was lost to her she was devastated. So many prayers were said that day and so many tears were shed. You and you friend did what none of her family and friends could do. You return the ring to be placed back on her finger. The tears this time were of joy and it’s all because of you. Thank You so much for making my granddaughter smile again. You are definitely an Angel sent to help her. ❤️

  • Ring Finders rescued our broken hearts and our lost wedding ring. (2017)


    My interest in reaching out to you is to show our appreciation for Ring Finders. First, we want to thank Ring Finders. Secondly, we appreciate our Ring Finder Chuck Raison. We want to show others our appreciation, testimony, and tell of another wonderful story.

    Ring Finders rescued our broken hearts and our lost wedding ring. And, even though it's been nearly 24 hours ago, we remain overjoyed with what has taken place.

    Thank you.

    Felix & Jennifer